7 Steps to Cleaning Out Your Refrigerator

Seven quick steps and you're done!

Updated on August 09, 2017 21:08 pm

Camille Besinga

an open refrigerator that is full of stocks

Your refrigerator is probably one of the most hardworking appliances in your home, but it’s often the most neglected. But really, all it takes are these seven quick steps that won’t take up over an hour of your time.

an unorganised refrigerator


1. Unplug...

your refrigerator, and remove all items inside. Keep frozen goods for the meantime in a cooler.

wiping down a refrigerator

wiping down a refrigerator with a sponge


2. Wipe...

down the shelves, doors, and handles with a soft sponge and a gentle multipurpose cleanser.

washing refrigerator parts under running water


3. Wash...

removable parts in the sink with soap and running water, and air-dry before returning.

wiping refrigerator's dry surfaces using a clean towel


4. Use...

a clean towel to wipe dry all surfaces.

wiping clean a bottle of salsa


5. Sort...

through your refrigerator’s contents and throw away expired goods. Clean down remaining up jars, bottles, and dishes from spills.

how to sort the content of a refrigerator


6. Organise...

items when you put them back into the refrigerator in a way that makes getting and returning them easy for everyone in your household.

peeled oranges


7. Keep...

it smelling fresh with this all-natural alternative: cut up an orange in half, completely scoop out the pulp, put the remaining orange rind in a bowl, sprinkle over with a couple tablespoons of sea salt, and pop it in the fridge.

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