7 Bedtime Stories to Read With Your Kids

Create a lasting bond and spark their imagination as you lull them to sleep.

Updated on August 14, 2017 11:08 am

Catherine Zhang

reading bedtime stories to children

There is nothing like a good story to cap off a day. And, there is nothing more precious than the bond created by reading books with your kids at night.

While reading is a necessity in learning, research shows that the more parents read to their kids, the greater is the positive effect on their reading and thinking skills. Also, reading bedtime stories help the young ones broaden their imagination, develop their mastery of language, improve logical thinking, and not to mention, discover their love for books.

There’s no excuse not to read books with your kids nowadays.

Here are seven book ideas that are worth telling your kids at night:

1. The Lorax by Dr. Seuss, available at Times ($13.80)

the lorax by dr. seuss is a great bedtime story to read to kids


With its big, colorful pictures and playful words and rhymes, kids will surely get hooked with the story of the Once-ler who learns his lesson the hard way after he chopped off all the trees despite the Lorax’s warning. This classic by Dr. Seuss has been an all-time favourite as it conveys a positive message of taking care of the environment. Make the bedtime story even more exciting as you imitate the angry Lorax voice when saying “I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees!”

2. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, available at Kinokuniya ($29.85)

the giving tree by shel silverstein - recommended bedtime storybook for children


Shel Silverstein’s perennial bedtime story about the tree’s unconditional love to a boy is a perfect example of how books can greatly contribute to a kid’s well-being. The story revolves around a boy who would ask for anything from the tree until there’s nothing left to take from it. The book, with its simple line drawings and illustration, has a powerful message to tell as it teaches generosity in all forms.

3. The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt, available at Popular ($24.50)

the day the crayons quit by drew daywalt - bedtime storybook for children


Ignite your kids’ creativity and sense of humour as you read the crayons’ parting letters to a boy named Duncan. The story is about the the crayons that ran away because they were either misused, overused, or never used. Hailed as Barnes & Noble’s Best Book in 2013, The Day the Crayons Quit is a perfect fit for kids who love to draw as it stirs their imaginations through these personified play things. This will also serve as a reminder to your kids to take care of their belongings or it might go missing one day just like Duncan’s crayons.

4. Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, available at Singapore Book Club ($11.17)

bedtime story book - where the wild things are by maurice sendak

Are you up for a midnight adventure? Let your kid’s imagination run wild and fuel their love for adventure as you read the story of mischievous Max who wreaks havoc in the kitchen one night. Discover what happens next as his bedroom turns into a jungle after being sent to bed early and find out who the Wild Things are.

5. Corduroy by Don Freeman, available at Kinokuniya ($11.44)

bedtime story book for kids - corduroy by don freeman


Being locked in a luxurious mall is a sad story for a bear named Corduroy. After being rejected because of his missing button, he wanders in the mall one night to find it. His journey to find his missing button didn’t go so well as he ends up back in his shelf. The next morning, a little girl buys Corduroy using the money she saved and mends him at home. This timeless classic has a compelling story that will teach your kids the kind of love that is willing to accept despite the imperfections.

6. The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, available at Kinokuniya ($18.80)

the little prince by antoine de sant-exupery - classic bedtime storybook for kids


More suitable for older kids, the story narrates the little prince’s journey from planet to planet. This bedtime story invokes a kid’s imagination to picture every adventure that the little prince encounters-- from seeing every planet, to getting to know the characters inhabiting each planet. It is a book that can be read to all ages as it subtly shows the wonders of life in the eyes of a kid.

7. Love You Forever by Robert Munsch, available at Kinokuniya ($10.95)

love you forever by robert munsch - bedtime storybook for children


Who would ever forget the lullaby that says: “I'll love you forever / I'll like you for always / As long as I'm living / My baby you'll be"? Coming from a timeless bedtime story, this has touched the hearts of over millions of its readers worldwide and has become an all-time favorite. Love You Forever is the story of a mother who sings a lullaby to her sleeping baby. She still sings the same song even if the baby has grown into a man. It’s tear-jerking ending is worth remembering as their roles have reversed with the son singing that particular song to his now old and weak mother. The story’s message is so simple yet so profound as it focuses on the intangible bond and unconditional love of the parents to their kids.

Whether you want to develop your kids' creativity, spark their imagination, or create a lasting but memorable bonding moment, reading bedtime stories is a habit that you must start while they are still young. Getting to places through reading is fun, but what makes it more special is that it is shared by you and your kids.

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