Japanese Delights: Hokkaido Desserts

Rich, creamy, and bringing new flavours to town is Japan's popular Hokkaido desserts.

Updated on September 22, 2017 8:09 am

Jolene Klassen

Hokkaido Desserts in Singapore

In cosmopolitan Singapore, with its melting pot of cultures, the buzz about Japanese food never quite fizzled out, as each season would bring with it something new and undiscovered.

Riding on the success of famous cheese tarts steeped with Hokkaido-sourced dairy that took the scene last year, a new range of Japanese desserts are heating up the scene with new flavours that are as delightful as they are unique.

Known for providing inventive uses for dairy products (think cream cheese curry or ramen with butter), Hokkaido produces the highest-quality dairy found in this part of the world, using only the freshest ingredients rich in minerals and free from impurities. Steeped in tradition, with some producers having a full century of experience under their wing, and backed by the local health ministries, Hokkaido dairy products continue to be highly sought by discerning diners and consumers alike.

Armed with technical expertise and attention to detail, it makes sense for Japanese dessert makers to craft their creations with Hokkaido dairy, sourced from cattle that are well-fed and nourished with pasture that uses only organic fertilizers. Milk is then quickly processed in-house before being sold, to maintain its quality.

Aside from quality dairy, the flavour that goes into the desserts are seemingly unlimited—with everything from melons, mangoes, and durian making the cut. That said, despite the selection of flavours available, Hokkaido desserts are not as decadent as one would expect, with some using ingredients like sugar beet that is also sourced from Hokkaido, instead of artificial sweeteners.

Although Japanese desserts have a long standing here, Hokkaido desserts are just starting to find its way across the city state. While most focus on authentic Hokkaido ingredients in their offerings, some showcase items that are inspired by Hokkaido desserts, while using local ingredients to meet with local palates. Still, with a dedicated commitment to quality and a myriad of flavours to choose from, Hokkaido desserts look set to stay.

LeTAO Singapore

Address: 2 Orchard Turn, #B1-K7 ION Orchard, Singapore
Tel: 65 8799 3551
Website: www.letaosg.com

LeTAO Singapore

Known for its cheesecakes and cookies, fans can soon expect to sample a new chocolate confectionery, as the company continues to innovate and bring fresh new products and flavours here. Until then, the Double Fromage cheesecake and Ironai Cheese cookies are bound to satisfy with its luscious cream cheese flavours.

Ohara Farm Hokkaido Ice Cream

Address: 1 Esplanade Drive, #01-K5, Waterfront, Singapore 039891
Website: www.esplanade.com/explore-esplanade/eat-and-drink/ohara-farm-hokkaido-soft-ice-cream

Ohara Farm Hokkaido Ice Cream

Serving up tasty Hokkaido soft serve ice cream is Ohara Farm with four flavours that would soothe any craving for Hokkaido dairy. Choose from the Hokkaido Melon or the Yubari Melon for a taste of something different; or for a creamy fix, the Special Rich Milk ice cream will hit all the right notes. Another tantalising flavour is Lavender that is a light, rich and fragrant treat.

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Photographs: LeTAO Singapore and Ohara Farm

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