10 Easy Home Updates You Can Do This Weekend

Make these quick, no-sweat changes to improve your home.

Updated on August 25, 2017 10:08 am

Jerni Camposano

Sometimes, it only takes the weekend (or even less than a day!) to alter the look and feel of a space. Make good use of your days off at work to tackle some projects at home. Here are some quick fixes to make around your home.

1. Organise your book collection.


It's a task you've been putting off for months. Thus, it's not surprising that all your books and reading materials are slowly taking over your living space.

If you are among the fortunate few who have the luxury of space for a home library, then it's time to get started with sorting and cataloguing them so that you have a system that works for you. Small space? No worries. We have genius book storage and display ideas here.

2. Display family photos.

Don't you just feel bad that your family photos are just tucked away in drawers or stored in the computer? Create a more loving ambience at home by displaying these precious pictures. Whether it's a neat grid or a more creative approach (hanging them on a clothesline, printing them on refrigerator magnets, etcetera), this weekend project will add a nostalgic touch to your home.

3. Start your own micro farm right at your own HDB unit or corridor.

"The joy of growing your own herbs and then snipping them off and cooking them...it is a brand new experience that you have to experience yourself to find out what it's all about," says fitness trainer Balan Gopal.

Adds homeowner Cynthea Lam, who turned her Bishan home into a green oasis teeming with plants: "I love experimenting with planting herbs and vegetables, things that I can eat!"

Whether you're looking to get started, maintain, or grow your garden, we have 50 handy tips and tricks to help.

4. Cheer up a boring space by adding a rug with fun patterns or prints.


Recognise the beauty-enhancing power of rugs. You can even layer up rugs of different make for some added texture.

5. Try making your bed differently.


For this weekend, shake things up a bit in the bedroom. For your bed, go for camp-out style by rolling up the blanket and coverlet and letting it sit at the bottom. Or layer the blanket, coverlet, and comforter on top of each other. Here are nine more suggestions.

6. Get rid of sentimental clutter.

If your home is already filled with stuff you don't need, it's high time to declutter. How to? Watch this. Or be reminded by words of wisdom from the experts.

7. Beautify your entryway.

Make the first few square feet of your space welcoming to anyone setting foot into your home. Greet them with a bold painting or framed family photos. Or you can place a console or side table to separate the narrow walk-in space from the next room.

8. Make over your dining room.

You don't want to (and you must not!) eat in a space that is so...uninviting. So ensure that the dining room is cosy and lively by injecting pops of colours, creating beautiful tablescapes, or even adding a beautiful rug to your area.

9. Clear the clutter in your bathroom.


Keep your bath space clean and organised with these 10 brilliant bathroom storage ideas. We also listed down where to buy specific items.

10. Make your bedroom more romantic.


Transform your bedroom into a romantic retreat so it feels like you're celebrating Valentine's Day all year round. Come home to a more inviting and dreamy bedroom with these tips.

Happy weekend!

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