10 Multipurpose Furniture Ideas

We're sure you'd want these furniture pieces that pull double, even triple duty.

Updated on August 02, 2017 17:08 pm

Jerni Camposano

Multipurpose sofa from Hommage Lifestyle

Because we're always looking for ways to maximise our precious floor space, we would love to have furniture that serve multiple purposes. These pieces we've picked are functional, fashionable, and most likely fit your budget (considering you're paying for one item that serves several tasks).

Multipurpose sofa from Hommage lifestyle

Hommage Lifestyle sofa

Function 1: Sofa
Function 2: Bed

This sofa bed helps you entertain guests by transforming into additional sleeping capacity when the need arises.

Multipurpose bookshelf and chair


Function 1: Chair
Function 2: Bookshelf

Bookworms, rejoice! You now have your very own throne—somewhere to curl up in with a book, and have the rest of your collection on hand.

Multipurpose footrest, storage, seat and coffee table


Function 1: Ottoman/Footrest
Function 2: Storage
Function 3: Additional seating
Function 4: Coffee table

Use it as a coffee table and storage solution in the living room. Prop your feet on it while having a cup of joe and reading the news. During parties, use it as additional seating.

glass baroque victorian style black dining table

multipurpose dining table and pool table


Function 1: Dining table
Function 2: Pool table

If you are looking to play pool after a delicious meal with family and friends, simply clear out the dishes and play!

multipurpose door and ping pong table


Function 1: Door
Function 2: Ping pong table

Enter the world of ping pong. This is genius!

multipurpose bedside table and breakfast in bed tray table


Function 1: Bedside table
Function 2: Breakfast-in-bed tray

We are absolutely in love with this and we want it next to our bed, stat.

multipurpose mirror and iron board


Function 1: Mirror
Function 2: Ironing board

Before leaving the house, check out your outfit in the mirror. Found a wrinkle down the front? Just flip to use the ironing board. Easy peasy.

multipurpose painting artwork and jewellery storage


Function 1: Wall-hung artwork
Function 2: Jewellery storage

Forgot where you placed your favourite pair of earrings? Simply look behind the painting.

multipurpose door and artistic chalkboard


Function 1: Door
Function 2: Magnetic chalkboard

This magnetic chalkboard door saves your other furniture from your kids' drafts and doodles.

multipurpose bike shelf and bookshelf


Function 1: Bike shelf
Function 2: Bookshelf

Park and read.

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