10 Quirky Homes in Singapore

Want to make your home look unlike any other? Take your cue from these eclectic homes designed by homegrown design studios.

Updated on June 26, 2017 14:06 pm

Camille Besinga


Touch of Nostalgia by M3 Design Studio

With its collection of streamlined, midcentury furniture and a cool and calming palette, this home clearly shows its Scandinavian-industrial influence.

Unit at Grange Heights by Project File Pte Ltd

Rainbow brights and unusual shapes make this unit at Grange Heights a cut above the rest.

Costa Del Sol by Rezt & Relax Interior

Industrial style doesn’t have to be grey and clinical; add just the right amount of pop art via Warhol prints and a collection of toy figures to make your industrial home feel more personal.

The Calrose by Story of Us

A mix of warm, wooden shelves in different configurations and midcentury-influenced furniture with pin and pencil legs create unpredictably interesting spaces.

3-Room Kim Keat by Rezt & Relax Interior

Industrial style has never looked this hip. Concrete hollow blocks are left open to serve as shelves, while exposed pipes for lights and electrical sockets actually form an interesting visual that seems to elongate the space.

Eclectic & Surreal by nOtch lifestyle + design

When you say “eclectic”, you really do mean assorted and diverse. Pick furniture and furnishings for their unique look, not for their “matchability” with other items in your home.

Soho at Martaban Road by Design Collective Studio

While this doesn’t technically count as a house, the way this studio is designed gives it the perfect look and feel of a quirky-eclectic home perfect for a young family.

Heji Gardens by Project File Pte Ltd

A home simply clad in bare or painted concrete gets a wash of vibrancy from printed tiles, comic art, or even a pop of bright red pieces of furniture.

Vertis by Project File Pte Ltd

This unit is all about lines, lines, and more lines—whether vertical, horizontal, diagonal, curved, or angled. Bright colours add to the fascinating fray.

For the love of the game by nOtch lifestyle + design

It’s totally fine to want your passion to show through your space. If you’re a sports freak and a loyal and devoted fan to a specific team, let that be your guide to decorating your space.

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