10 Spots You Are Not Cleaning Well In Your Home

Did you miss these spots while cleaning your abode?

Updated on April 02, 2018 13:04 pm

Stephanie Yee

10 Spots You Are Not Cleaning Well In Your Home

There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing our homes sparkling and squeaky clean. When our homes are clean, we feel so relaxed and at ease because we know we’ve protected our loved ones from harmful germs and bacteria that they might get in contact with if our homes are dirty.

But do you ever get that eerie kind of feeling that you’ve missed a spot when you’ve already thought you’ve deep cleaned your home? Yes, it’s true! There are spots that we tend to miss while cleaning our homes. They are commonly overlooked even by the most OC homeowners for some reasons. You might be surprised while going through our list (we were, too!) of the places we frequently miss while cleaning our home.

1. Toothbrush holder


While making sure that every nook and cranny of your bathroom is dry and clean, you tend to overlook the toothbrush holder. This spot is a hotspot for germs so make sure that you give it a "bath" as well or wipe it with damp cloth and soap often.

2. Shower curtain


Even if it gets wet all the time you take a bath, your shower curtain gets dirty too—collecting mildew, dirt, and soap every time. Load your curtains and liners in the washing machine with your towels. Trust in the power of detergent and a cup of baking soda in eliminating all the dirt and grime in your curtains.

3. Switches

Any switch in your home collects dirt and germs from anyone who touches it. Make sure to wipe it down on a regular basis just to ensure that it's clean and germ-free.

4. Knobs, handles, and frames

Just like your light switches, door and cabinet knobs and handles, as well as door, window, and picture frames collect a tonne of dirt every day. Ensure that you wipe and clean all the knobs, handles, and frames in your home on a regular basis to avoid the spread of germ in the household.

5. Cleaning materials


Yes, you read it right. Your cleaning materials need some TLC, too! Neglecting your cleaning materials can result to spreading of germs in your home. After using your cleaning materials, make it a habit to clean them, too. Scrub your brushes, brooms and sponges, shake out your dusters, and wash your cleaning cloths, mops, and wipers on a weekly basis. And don’t forget to clean the spot where you hide your supplies, too!

6. Remote control

If there’s one thing that we almost always forget to clean, remotes and other controllers are almost always on top of the list. While dust and dirt easily pile up on remotes, germs can easily be transmitted through these, too! Don’t forget to disinfect your remotes with an anti-bacterial wipe once a week to ensure that these controllers are clean.

7. Baseboards


Your baseboard collects all sort of dirt and dust from your furniture, pets, and even from humans. Keep it clean by regularly vacuuming it or running a damp cloth or household wipes along the surface.

8. Computer keyboard


Your computer keyboard is also a collector of dust, dirt, as well as crumbs of food and beverages.Your hands, which are in contact with all kinds of germs, are also in constant interface with your keyboards. Just imagining how dirty it is gives you some sort of goosebumps. It’s time to sanitise your keyboards and evict those grime and bacteria living beneath and in between the keys using a cotton swab with alcohol or any disinfectant that are proven safe for gadgets as well as computers.

9. Knife block


If there are spots in your kitchen that you often miss cleaning, your knife block is one of them. Food crumbs and debris accumulate in these knife blocks over time. What you can do is to turn it upside down to remove all the debris and crumbs, soak it in hot water with a tablespoon of dish soap for 30 minutes, rinse it thoroughly, and let it dry overnight before putting the knives again. Easy peasy, right?

10. Every spot that is unreachable

Hard-to-reach spots are often left dirty. Maybe it’s time to start pulling everything out from its original place to reach the corners, or even borrowing a step ladder just to reach the highest spot in your home just to make sure that you’ve got everything covered.

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