11 Minimalist Living Room Designs

Maximise the minimalist look in your living room.

Updated on June 21, 2017 21:06 pm

Samantha Echavez


One of the many ways to combat stress at home is through decluttering and adopting a minimalist approach to decorating. "Too much clutter is the cause of a significant amount of stress. When you remove the clutter, you remove the stress. While some people choose to practice yoga or go jogging, you can reduce stress by taking a minimalist living approach," says M.A. Hill, author of Minimalist Living: How to Become a Minimalist.

To do so, you can start one room at a time—say, the living room. Here are minimalist living rooms in HDBs or Singapore condos to inspire you on your next renovation:

1. Whampoa Drive 3 Room by Momo + Partners. Your living room can sport a warm retro look while sticking to minimalist aesthetics. Refrain from placing knickknacks and other decorative pieces on your center table and keep the TV console equally uncluttered.

2. 3 Room Dover by Rezt & Relax Interior. The modern minimalist look is usually employed with white as the dominant colour paired with accenting colours like grey, brown, and as shown in the photo above, black.

3. HDB 4 Room by D'initial Concept. This contemporary minimalist living room features statement-making sofa, sleek and glossy console, and cove lighting to incite a dramatic effect.

4. Minimalist Unit at Parc Mondrian by D'initial Concept. Keep your minimalist living room more visually appealing by mixing textures (area rug, glossy floating TV console, leather sofa) and using standout—even unique-looking—furniture pieces.

5. Blk 140 Jalan Bukit Merah by Add Space Design. Architectural details and an eye-catching TV wall are enough to lift the look of this black-and-white minimalist living room.

6. Spacious Apartment at Pasir Ris by box.id studio. Who says minimalist spaces have to look less spicy? Just add a stunning floor decoration and an area rug—and voila!

7. 473A Hougang Parkedge by The Minimalist Society. To pull off the minimalist look, furnish your space with a grey modular sofa, fronting a TV feature wall that doubles as storage. Do away with center table and other decorations.

8. 271A Punggol Walk by The Minimalist Society. This minimalist living room exudes chic simplicity, thanks to elegant furniture pieces, neutral palette, and a little bit of shine.

9. D'Leedon Residence by 82. Set the tone of your minimalist living room via neutral furnishings, undecorated walls, and Scandinavian pieces.

10. Minimalist Room at Belmond Green by Samlo Design Group. Add an element of surprise to your all-white minimalist living room, like a floating bookshelf positioned above the TV console.

11. 4 Room Woodlands Crescent by Rezt & Relax. Give your industrial space the minimalist treatment by limiting your furniture pieces in the living room and keeping clutter out of the way.

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