12 Stylish Kitchens in Singapore To Inspire Your Renovation

These locally designed kitchens will give you major #designgoals.

Updated on June 21, 2017 10:06 am

Jerni Camposano


Gone are the days when kitchens featured grimly dark finishes, clinical elements, or limited colour palette. "Almost anything goes these days. How a kitchen looks stylistically has become more diverse with no single look, material, or color most in vogue," say Barbara Ballinger and Margaret Crane in The Kitchen Bible: Designing the Perfect Culinary Space.

According to Ballinger and Crane, "kitchens today can express everything from an owner's personality to regional design styles. But with so many choices, where do you start?"

Let these beautiful kitchens inspire you on the look and feel you want for your own kitchen:

1. This Scandinavian kitchen by The Minimalist Society features minimalism and functionality. The emphasis on neutral colours and wood makes this space even more stunning.

2. Red and white make for a winning combo in this contemporary kitchen by Sky Creation. The red backsplash increases the appeal of an otherwise straightforwardly white kitchen.

3. We can list a couple of reasons why this minimalist kitchen by Icon Interior Design Pte Ltd gets our nod. It's sleek and stylish even without the presence of bold colours. It also offers many a storage option—open shelving as well as under-counter drawers on the kitchen island. Even the chalkboard wall is charming!

4. Having a small kitchen space isn't an excuse not to decorate. Take it from this retro-style kitchen by Rezt & Relax Interior peppered with contemporary furnishings, including built-in kitchen appliances, iconic ghost chairs, and Warhol art.

5. The warm and welcoming ambience of this country-style kitchen by Atlantis Aquatic Lifestyle Pte Ltd is palpable—thanks to its soothing blue-and-white colour palette.

6. Maximise a narrow cooking area by opting for a galley-style kitchen. The simple two-wall design (one part for cooking, the other for prepping) works well for this contemporary kitchen by Meter Square Pte Ltd. Did you also notice that lovely backsplash?

7. This hip and easy-to-maintain industrial-style kitchen by Artis Interior is giving us major New York loft vibes: rough finish on the wooden counter, exposed pipes, and stone flooring. The chalkboard on the opposite wall completes the look.

8. Replicate the royal opulence and old world glam of this European-style kitchen by Notch Lifestyle + Design Pte Ltd in your own space: deck it with velvet gilt-edged furniture, tufted wall feature, and glamorous light fixtures.

9. You can still enjoy time with your family and loved ones while whipping up dishes in the kitchen. This trendy open-plan kitchen by Insidelookz allows multitasking for families (e.g., mom cooking in the kitchen and also helping little ones with their homework at the dining area) and promotes free flow into other spaces of the home.

10. If you prefer your kitchen cocooned, you can choose to separate your kitchen from other areas of the house by installing glass or black factory doors. Let this minimalist kitchen by Project File Pte Ltd inspire you to create a dedicated space for the heart of your home.

11. Want a cooking space washed in natural light? White and lots of sunlight take centre stage in this contemporary kitchen by Haus of Egg3.

12. This black-and-white kitchen by Hwa Li Design exudes elegance. Try this tried-and-tested colour combo and you surely won't regret it.

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