5 Design Ideas to Steal from Celebrity Homes

Get some home design inspo from these A-listers.

Updated on May 08, 2018 8:05 am

Catherine Zhang

Design Ideas to Steal from Celebrity Homes

Celebrities spend millions of dollars to have their dream homes come to life. Even Hollywood's busiest A-list movie stars have a say in terms of designing their living spaces. Plus, their personalities and lifestyles are evident in their own sanctuaries.

Looking for home design inspiration? Check out these famous celebrity homes to inspire you to level up your home design game:

1. Natural light—lots of it—in your home office


Spending US$18.6 million for her Seaside Mansion in Los Angeles, quirky TV host Ellen Degeneres made sure that her home office has a fair share of fresh, bright sunlight. Isn’t it more inspiring to work in an office soaked in natural light? Her home office is also adorned with lots of star white walls and wooden floors, giving off that simple sophistication that is so Ellen.

2. TV in the bedroom


Celine Dion’s Florida mansion looks lavish and fabulous—only fitting for its US$38.5 billion price tag! One thing that's remarkable in her mansion is her bedroom’s TV, which is mounted onto the ceiling. This makes binge-watching easier and more convenient without straining our neck and back as we lie down on our bed watching...Netflix!

3. A heavenly bath space


Cara Delevigne’s colourful London home reflects the strength of her personality. Her chic and cool persona is evident in her bathroom, which looks dreamy and relaxing with a cloudscape mural by British muralist Sarah Hocombe.

4. Bright and airy living room


Rachael Ray’s Southampton home (which is now up for grabs) definitely looks bright and airy because of the windows' right placement. Also, her choice of colours—mostly on the neutral side—gave her home a cosy vibe that is just perfect for relaxing.

5. Pops of colour everywhere


Elton John’s artsy home is filled with high-gloss white lacquer all over. However, pops of colours can be seen everywhere—in the kitchen, dining room, as well as the living room. Bright shades of yellow, green, red, and blue offset the plain white colour of the walls and liven up his home.

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