5 Must-Try Colour Combos to Update Your Home

Update your home’s colour palette with these combinations.

Updated on April 13, 2018 8:04 am

Catherine Zhang

5 Must-Try Colour Combos to Try This Year

While our homes reflect our personality, our colour choices affect our mood throughout the year. If you want to feel as if you have a new home, here are five colour combinations that you can try to update your home.

1. Achieve the ethereal look: Ultra Violet + Shades of blue


Ultra Violet is Pantone's Colour of the Year and we’ve showed you ways on how to use this rich colour (Read: Home Decorating with Ultra Violet). To tone this hue a bit, you can pair it with shades of blue for that ethereal effect.

2. Mute colours, bold effect: Pink + Grey


Mute pinks remind us of the old days, when our grandmothers would decorate the house with barely-there colours. This chic colour can be a colour used for neutral and minimalist homes. Add a splash of grey everywhere and you’ll get that modern, vivacious classic colour combination that you want to achieve.

3. Go for the earthy glow: Charcoal brown + Green


If you are trying to achieve a natural, earthy glow for your home, try combining charcoal brown and green. This shade of brown with warm charcoal tone will give your greens a more luscious look because it has a yellow undertone.

4. Both formal and laidback: Peach + Black


Peach is a versatile colour. It can easily change the mood in your home with that cheerful vibe. If you are more inclined to having your home formal-looking instead, go for a darker shade to complement it. Black, for example, is a good colour as it can highlight the softer shade of peach in your home.

5. Calm down with colours: Sage + Beige


These colours do not only rhyme but they can make your home look and feel trendy. Combining beige with sage will create a more relaxing ambience in any space. You can use this colours in your kitchen as well as in the bedroom.

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