5 Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants

Bring the outdoors inside your home without having to worry about your furry buddies.

Updated on May 04, 2018 8:05 am

Catherine Zhang

5 Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants

Pets and plants are also important elements of any home. However, making them live harmoniously can be tricky. No matter how well-behaved your little fur ball might be, there will still be some instances when they would knock off a pot and take a bite of your precious indoor plant.

Here are five indoor plants that are pet-friendly and beneficial to humans as well:

1. Spider Plant


This plant is 100% pet-approved. Spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum) are known as air purifiers. These plants are perfect if you are having trouble keeping plants alive because you can put it anywhere and it will be fine—just water it fairly.

2. Echeveria


If you love succulents, Echeveria (Echeveria derenbergii) is a pet-safe plant you can bring inside your home. Echeveria is drought-tolerant and can survive extreme temperatures. It is also a nice addition to your home decor as it comes in many sizes and variants.

3. Money Tree Plant


Aside from bringing good fortune to your abode, Money Tree Plant (Pachira insignis) is safe for your pets, too. Its benefits—such as improving air quality and reducing air toxins—are great for people who have asthma, lung conditions, as well as those who are always exposed to smog.

4. Lavender


Soothing and calming to humans, these beautiful herbs are also not harmful to our pets. Lavenders are not usually grown indoors, but with the right amount of sunlight, water, love, and care, varieties of lavender plant (French Lavender) can adapt to interior conditions.

5. Orchids


Phalaenopsis orchids are tropical indoor plants that are not only satisfying aesthetically but are also safe to the tummy. Orchid flowers are edible and can be used in garnishing food plates and drinks. These indoor blooms are safe for your pets, too! Just don’t forget to mist your orchids on a regular basis to avoid wilting.

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