5 Quick and Easy Ways to Update your Dining Room

Heed these no-reno makeover tips.

Updated on June 21, 2017 21:06 pm

Jerni Camposano


Because the dining room is where people come together to enjoy festive meals, it should be an open, inviting space. Whether you're decorating for a large area or one that has limited square footage, heed these tips to update the look of this integral part of the home.

Design by Lisa Wolfe

1. Throw in a rug.
Adding rugs creates a world of difference to any space. It's an inexpensive way of adding style and character to your dining area. A carefully selected one can also tie up the look of the entire room.

Blue Dessert Plate by The Belly and Co.

2. Inject lively and cheerful pops of colours.
Make your dining space come to life by adding bright and bold elements. The dose of energy could come in the form of multi-hued dishes, yellow cabinet, neon pink chair, or emerald chandeliers. Just make sure you don't go overboard.

Design by Rezt & Relax Interior

3. Go backless.
If you've got a small dining space and would want to maximise the number of people who can sit in, opt for a dining bench. There are many other benefits to replacing dining chairs with a bench.

4. Bring the outdoors in.
Outdoor elements such as wood and plants could add life to your dining space. Plus we all know the many good things plants bring into our home (here's one: improve air quality). These natural elements also make for wonderful tablescapes.

Design by KingRitz Lifestyle Design

5. Use dividers.
Most homes' layout feature the kitchen and dining room almost as one area. If you want a dedicated room for eating and gathering, you can create such space even without building walls. You can use cubby shelves, hanging plants, wooden beams, or sliding doors as dividers to separate these two areas.

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