5 Small Bedroom Design Ideas

These tips and designs will help you maximise your not-so-big bedroom.

Updated on November 14, 2017 17:11 pm

Samantha Echavez

We can't stress the importance of an excellent bedroom interior design enough—it is the key that will let you experience ultimate relaxation and nights of glorious and uninterrupted sleep. Having a small bedroom should not deter you from enjoying your private sanctuary.

Here are ideas to help you out:


1. Go bold and dramatic.

When you have small bedroom space, you can go big on design. Bold and bright patterns on bed spreads and area rugs give the place a sense of depth and create visual impact. As one homeowner who used big patterns on his walls said, "I feel like I'm living big in a small space."


2. Or you can go soft.

If big and dramatic colours and prints daunt you, you can employ another space-saving trick: using a similar light colour palette across the room. Beddings, furnishings, and walls in white will create the illusion of a bigger room. Add pops of colour and texture to keep it from looking monotonous.


3. Maximise your vertical spaces.

The headboard, for example, becomes a storage opportunity if you surround it with built-in shelves that go all the way to the ceiling. According to designers, you can also frame your headboard with a canopy not only to command attention but also to pull all eyes towards the ceiling.


4. Create a focal point.

A focal point is, by definition, a point where all lines convene, that singular eye-catching and attention-seeking spot in your room. Small bedrooms usually have a feature wall or a beautifully made and masterly decorated bed complete with a collection of bold pillows as their focal point. In this room, the chandelier is the focal point, setting the luxurious tone of the space. The mirror, another space-maximising device in small bedrooms, enlarges the area.


5. Decorate with things that make you happy.

Your bedroom is an intimate space, your sanctuary, so make sure you include a decor or two that cheers you up: your favourite artwork, framed photos of your family, an area rug you scored from one of your travels. Just make sure you don't crowd your room with these sentimental items—keep your space open and airy!

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