5 Useful Apps For Home Renovation And Decorating

Paint, decorate, and create a floor plan of your home with these amazing apps.

Updated on June 10, 2019 14:06 pm

Luisa Wong

Useful Apps For Home Renovation And Decorating

Renovating and decorating a home can be daunting for some. But with the advent of technology, you can now measure your space, colour your walls, and plan your renovation using different apps. Let these apps help you go through your next home renovation project easier.

Source: IKEA

1. IKEA Catalogue

Shopping now at your favourite Swedish furniture store is easier with the IKEA Catalogue app. With its refreshed look, you get to see an extended version of the printed and online catalogue. You can also enjoy additional features on the go, and share your favourites. The app has an augmented reality feature that will allow you to superimpose images of the products you’ve chosen into any space of your home as seen through your device’s camera.

Download free via Google Play (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS).

Source: Dulux

2. Dulux Visualiser

With its augmented reality technology, you can view paint colours on your actual walls and “paint” your space in real time with just a few taps on your smart phone device. Whether you’re just testing a new paint colour or figuring out which colour suits your accent wall, deciding which colour to choose is now made easier with the Dulux Visualiser app. Once you’ve decided on the colour, you can order straight from the app some Dulux paint testers and have it delivered to your home.

Download it on Google Play (Android) or Apple App Store(iOS) for free.

Source: Locometric

3. RoomScan

Draw out your home’s floor plan by scanning your walls using the RoomScan app developed by Locometric. RoomScan Pro is the only app with three great ways to get a floor plan, making sure it always gets the job done. With its AR Scanning feature, RoomScan's slick integration with Leica and Bosch laser measures ensures a precise result every time.

Watch the demo here.

Source: MagicPlan

4. MagicPlan

Using your mobile device, you can create floor plans using the MagicPlan app. Scan a room in 30 seconds and you can already build a complete floor plan in minutes. No need to move your furniture or taking physical measurements! However, while the app is free to download, you need to pay for every downloadable copy of your floor plan.

Source: Ovvy

5. Ovvy App

Revolutionising the way people search for a plumber, painter, electrician, or even a removals man, the Ovvy app will help you skip the laborious task of leafing through newspapers, Yellow Pages, or even searching on Googling for contractors. With the new local online marketplace for household and other services, Ovvy offers the most comprehensive ecosystem of local merchants and service providers. With just a few taps, you can choose a service provider by scrolling individual profiles, browsing service ratings, and perusing user reviews. In addition to Ovvy’s powerful search, comparison, booking, and payment features, the platform incorporates various safety protocols that allow consumers to verify the identity of service providers entering their homes on jobs.

Download free via Google Play (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS).

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