5 Ways You Can Avoid Using Chemicals at Home

Reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals at home by following these practical tips.

Updated on July 11, 2018 8:07 am

Stephanie Yee

5 Ways You Can Avoid Using Chemicals at Home

To live healthy is to also avoid harmful chemicals that are laced in your everyday necessities. These harmful pollutants may cause several health risks to you and your family including an increased risk of having cancer as well as damaging your kid’s developing IQ.

Chemicals are lurking in household dusts, plastic containers, and even in your drinking water. Keep calm, we’ve listed down practical ways on how you can avoid using chemicals at home:

1. Make your own cleaning products.


Certain cleaning products have been linked to serious medical illnesses. Reduce your exposure to these harmful items by making your own. Not that it’s cheaper, but non-toxic homemade cleaners are safe and effective. Go over the internet for some easy DIY home cleaners.

2. Check the label.

Your personal hygiene should not be compromised with products that are harmful to your body. Give your vanity a makeover by choosing products that are paraben-, sodium laureth sulfate-, and oxybenzone-free. It pays to read the label!

3. Use alternatives.


Start living plastic-free in your home. Some plastic products contain phthalates, heavy metals, and other compounds that can be harmful to the body. Poison Plastic, aka Polyvinyl chloride, is found in cookwares, shower curtains, and toys so better be careful than sorry. Use ceramic bowls or glass jars in storing your food. Use alternatives for plastic cookwares and toys.

4. Be BPA free.

Bisphenol-A or BPA is commonly found in can liners and paper receipt coatings. Too much intake of BPA can cause hormonal imbalance and infants are most certainly at risk to the effects of BPA to the body. As much as possible, avoid canned foods and choose fresh foods and produce when grocery shopping. Also, do not store paper receipts unless you need it.

5. Skip air fresheners.


Skip plug-in air fresheners as it won’t do any good to the body according to studies. Instead, keep your home odour-free by using alternative ways such as essential oil diffusers, homemade fabric sprays, or even just properly disposing of your garbage.

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