6 Creative Themes For Your Child's Room

Spark creativity and curiosity in your kid with these cool bedroom ideas.

Updated on February 19, 2019 8:02 am

Catherine Zhang

Creative Themes For Your Child's Room

Most parents will agree that having a beautiful, creative, and well thought out room is essential for a kid's growth and development. A room where they can thrive, learn, and play is important if you want your kids to have a comfortable and enjoyable childhood. More than just the bright interiors and vivid, colourful artwork, you can create a space where they will have endless hours of joy by coming up with a more unconventional and creative idea.

Whether it's a tree house, a princess’ chamber, or a pirate ship, these bedroom ideas are uber stylish that you’d also want one for yourself:

1. Pirate ship


Let your child be the Jack Sparrow of his own ship with this pirate ship bedroom idea! A huge wooden pirate ship has been hung in the bedroom as well as the necessary elements needed to make the bedroom an in-house pirate ship.

2. Treetop adventure


Every child will surely love a treehouse for their bedroom just like this Calvin and Hobbes-inspired room. Complete with a loft bunk bed that looks like a tree fort, this room will definitely blow his mind because it looks like a page taken from the famous comic strip. The space under the bed is perfect for hiding, playing, and doing all sorts of childish things.

3. Coastal charm


Stripes, flags, boats, and even lighthouses can be stylish options for the kid's room. With the lighthouse wall decor and the nautical elements such as the white beadboard walls and the navy and white bedding, the room is filled with coastal charm, making it a perfect abode for your little one.

4. Circus fun


Play with child-like wonder in this circus-inspired room for your kids. Designed by Kate Dixon, it has a ferris wheel toy storage, weathered crate furniture, vintage-style pillows, and patchwork rug that made the room look spot on and totes creative!

5. Anchors away


Another option for your child’s room is this cool nautical room where he can sail away to dreamland. Just look at how the boat bed anchors the room and the nautical accessories and architectural sailboat sketches can drive your kid’s creativity, curiosity, and learning.

6. Video game on!


If you love your video games (Mario Brothers, anyone?), you will surely love this video game-themed room. This creative bedroom is decorated with stickers that are reminiscent of iconic levels and obstacles from the game, Super Mario. Steps, toys, and even beds were constructed to give the real Super Mario feels to the owner of this room.

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