6 Decorating Ideas For Your HDB Service Yard

Show this small but functional space some TLC with these tips.

Updated on April 27, 2018 10:04 am

Luisa Wong

6 Decorating Ideas For Your HDB Service Yard

When decorating your home, you tend to forget this small but really functional space: your service yard. Useful as it may be all-year round, it oftentimes become your least priority in home renovation projects.

Nonetheless, it’s not yet too late to add some TLC to this space. Heed these decorating tips for your service yard:

1. Grow your greens.


One of the simplest ways to liven up your service yard is to let some indoor plants flourish in it. You can either place pots or hang your plants using a rod that you can adjust so you can water your green babies properly.

2. Let it flow.


If you have an open kitchen layout, combining it with your service yard seems to be the most practical space saving hack you can practice. However, ensure that there is continuity in terms of flow and design. There should be visual consistency with the elements used in designing the adjacent zones.

3. Install storage spaces.


Looking into adding some more solutions for your stuff? Install shelves and putting bins in the service yard—this way, you also make this space neat and organised.

4. Choose a neutral colour palette.


You can never go wrong with neutral colours. Plus, they complement any interior design theme.

5. Or make it fun and functional.


In this cat cafe-inspired home in Pasir Ris, the couple turned their service yard into a small greenery garden space where they can chill out with a good cuppa.

6. Play hide and seek.


If you don’t have doors or walls to act as dividers, you can use a curtain that will complement the overall design of your home.

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