6 Houseplants That Repel Mosquitoes

Time to get your own bug-zappin’ greens!

Updated on November 22, 2018 8:11 am

Luisa Wong

6 Houseplants That Repel Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes carry a lot of illnesses that can affect your family. You can have a cost-effective and environment-friendly bug zappers at home—thanks to your home garden!

Most plants can introduce a wonderful smell in your home and repel insects at the same time. Have some of these plants in your home and place it where there is ample sunlight or where guests often stay.

1. Scented Geraniums (Citronella Geranium)


The blooms of this plant have a very strong fragrance that can keep mosquitoes away. This plant likes to thrive in a warm, sunny, and dry place so you can keep it indoors.

2. Peppermint


Not only does it have a lovely smell and a lot of health benefits, but peppermint’s oils can eliminate any pests lurking in your home. Put it in your kitchen and make sure that this member of the mint family receives ample sunlight.

3. Catnip


Your cats love this plant but mosquitoes abhor it. Because it is related to the mint family, catnip contains a chemical that attracts your paw-some cats but repels bugs. It is very easy to care, but this plant can be quite invasive.

4. Lavender


Yes, your favourite calming scent at night is a mosquito’s enemy. Its heavenly scent is so strong that mosquitoes, even moths and flies, can’t stand it.

5. Basil


Your favourite food garnish is also effective in keeping mosquitoes away. Basil is one of the few plants that has a strong repelling scent without crushing its leaves. All types of basil work as a mosquito repellent.

6. Rosemary


Tossing it to your pan may give your dish a flavour upgrade but this herb’s woody scent can also keep mosquitoes at bay.

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