6 Lessons You Can Learn From Watching Marie Kondo's Netflix Series

Spark joy in your home by doing it the Marie Kondo way.

Updated on January 23, 2019 8:01 am

Jemma Chiu

6 Lessons You Can Learn From Watching Marie Kondo's Netflix Series

Unless you’ve been living under the rock, you’ve surely heard of the KonMari method and admit it: you, too, are hooked on Marie Kondo’s new Netflix series. The cathartic, mesmerising, feel-good eight-episode real-life makeover series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo gave us the ultimate #clutterfree goals! From the pleasure she has while cleaning up other people’s clutter to helping them organise their lives, the cleanliness guru’s unique way of decluttering made it seem like this task is such an enjoyable and empowering experience.

But let’s face it: if you don’t love tidying up, the show and the method won’t work. It’s like Marie is a doctor and you are her patient; but she cannot save you because you refuse to get treated. However, there are life lessons you can learn from her aside from the KonMari method even if you don’t fancy tidying up.

Below, we’ve listed down some of the life-changing decluttering lessons you can learn from watching the series:

1. Decluttering is a process we must go through.

It’s hard to part with something that has been so important to you. May it be a broken toy or an old shirt, there’s this sentimental feeling which hinders you to let go of these things. However, letting go is a process that everyone must go through and Marie Kondo has taught us to express gratitude as we declutter at home.

2. Manage your clutter effectively.

You might not notice it, but clutter can really affect the way you live your life. It has negative consequences in your family life—this is why you need to manage your clutter. Learn how to effectively declutter by simply picking things up and putting them back where they belong. And as you manage to declutter effectively, you can surround yourself with things that only spark joy, those that positively impact your life and your home.

3. Maximise your shelving units.

As Marie Kondo puts it, you must be able to designate a place for everything you own—so go ahead and maximise your shelving units. You’ll never know how much time you’ll save by not searching for it really hard since everything has been sorted out and designated in its own spot in your home.

4. Decluttering should be done by the whole family.

In one episode, Marie helped a family of four organise their stuff in a two-bedroom apartment. There is stuff all over the house and only the mom knew where everything was. Her kids, as well as her husband, would call her from time to time to find things for them, which was completely disturbing. As the episode went on, Marie Kondo gave the family (and also us) a great lesson about enlisting the whole family’s help in organising a home. By having everyone on board in tidying and caring for the home, you are making decluttering easier while teaching them a valuable skill for life.

5. You are in control of the energy in your home.

The chi—not just the clutter—in your home can be managed. If you feel that negativity lingers and does not help you as you clean your home, you can purify your space by opening the windows and letting the air flow freely. You can also create a high-pitched vibrating sound, light incense, or spray an aromatic scent inside the room. You can do this even though you are not tidying up.

6. Embrace change in your home wholeheartedly.

Whether good or bad, positive or negative, the only thing constant in this world is change. Nothing about change is easy, especially in your home. So regardless if this change is about how you do things at home or a complete interior design makeover, you must be able to embrace it with a positive outlook in life.

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