6 Standout and Stylish 3-Room HDB Flats

We love these compact and chic flats.

Updated on June 22, 2017 8:06 am

Samantha Echavez


These 3-room HDB flats are design-savvy and delightful, rendered in different styles and themes. Get inspired on how to style your own flat by checking out the examples below:

1. Warm and retro 3-room at Whampoa Drive. Greys and browns come together in this 3-room HDB flat, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere. The retro furnishings evoke a vintage vibe, while the track lights and metal divider provide a hint of industrial.


2. Eclectic industrial 3-room at Kim Keat. This 3-room HDB flat uses colours and prints unabashedly against a backdrop of greys, woods, and metals. The result is a playful home with a stylishly quirky flair.


3. Chic contemporary 3-room by D'Initial Concept. Covered in luxe finishings and furnished with contemporary furniture, this 3-room HDB flat exudes a modern elegant condo feel. The sleek and clutter-free kitchen and the spacious living room with statement-making TV wall are the home's stellar features.


4. Warm industrial 3-room at Tampines. Bold details, richly textured woods, and industrial elements combine to create this rustic industrial home. The bedroom is kept more subdued and hotel-like.


5. Clean and minimalist 3-room at Dover. This HDB flat in Dover features clean lines and uncluttered surfaces that make the area more spacious, brighter, and airier. The minimalist kitchen is furnished with printed chairs for a pop of colour, and the bedroom and bathroom both look understatedly elegant and updated.


6. Contemporary elegant 3-room at Costa Ris. The living room of this 3-room flat in Costa Ris features stylish details like a teal bay window seat, spider pendant lights, artworks, TV wall, and printed area rug. Dining area is integrated into the living room. Floating shelves, cove lightings, and textured wall turn the bedroom into a hotel-style haven.


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