6 Stylish Singaporean Homes in Black and White

Take it from these Singaporean homes: it’s possible to use only two colours for your home and still get rooms that speak volumes about your exquisite aesthetic.

Updated on June 12, 2017 11:06 am

Camille Besinga


Springside by Image Creative Design Pte Ltd

To keep the black from overwhelming the space, it is used either mainly as a grounding (kept low, like on the floor covering, furniture, and tabletop décor) or cocooning element (kept high, like on the wall or headboard). 

Posh Dining Space at the Astaka by Su Misura

Grids often add a graphic element to a space, but here, it veers away from looking too mathematical by keeping the rectangles large. Ambient lighting and reflective panels also add a little contemporary glam to the room. 

Teresa Ville by Studio XMSL Pte Ltd

The use of black in this bedroom seems to echo its sparse appearance in the artwork above the bed: here, black only serves as accents, like punctuation marks in a place dominated by white. 

Expo Showflat 2012 by Image Creative Design Pte Ltd

A headboard that acts like the inverse image of the B&W closet door creates focal interest on the bed, obviously the main element in every bedroom. 

Waterview at Tampines by D’Planner Pte Ltd

In this room, black is the star of the show, taking over eye-catching furnishings and fixtures like the chandelier, sunburst mirror, and lamps. White balances out the heaviness and keeps the bedroom from feeling too intense. 

Estuary by D’Planner Pte Ltd

Velvety black instantly creates a lush yet comforting feel in this white and mirrored bedroom.

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