6 Things That Can Suddenly Increase Your Renovation Budget

Watch out for these items that can suddenly blow up your home improvement costs.

Updated on January 19, 2019 8:01 am

Stephanie Yee

Things That Can Suddenly Increase Your Renovation Budget

Home renovation can be fulfilling yet tiring and at times, frustrating. The last thing you wouldn’t want to happen is the sudden increase in your supposed budget. So how do you keep your sanity and your renovation budget from skyrocketing?

These things can suddenly increase your home improvement costs:

1. Cost of materials

You should always be aware of the rise and fall of prices when you are doing a home renovation. Most of the time, seasons affect the costs of materials. If you are not hiring a project manager for your home renovation, purchasing your own materials and canvassing them on your own will give you an idea where the cheapest yet quality materials are—this will allow you to save some more money.

2. A surge in your energy and water consumption

You should expect a surge in your utility bills during construction—both electricity and water bill. Take note that there will be equipment plugged in your home for weeks or months so you should include this in your budget.

3. Unplanned changes

There will be Eureka moments while you’re in the middle of renovation, where you will have a new vision for your home. Unplanned structural changes can suddenly increase your renovation budget. Best if you add the unforeseen changes into your initial budget and explore all your options before the real work begins.

4. Damages to the structure

Unforeseen costs lurk where technical aspects of your home renovation have been overlooked. Hidden damages to your home—such as damaged pipelines and rotting wood, which only professionals can see—will also put an extra cost in your redo. When it comes to your home structure, even if you are confident that you can oversee it, you must still consult first with a professional most especially the structural, plumbing, and electrical aspects of your home renovation.

5. Meal Budget

If you are doing kitchen renovation as well, expect a month of eating out. If you do not want to spend extra on expensive meals, you can ask your contractor to create you a temporary kitchen or if it would add up another cost to your renovation project, have easy-to-make meals as well as takeaway meals.

6. Chemical cleaning

After everything has been installed and remodelled, your house needs proper cleaning. Sweeping and dusting won’t suffice since there will be some stains that would require chemicals. Check if your contractor provides this service for free but if not, be prepared to have this in your initial budget to avoid surprise expenses.

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