6 Things You Should Not Do in Small Spaces

Avoid these mistakes that limit you from enjoying your space-challenged home.

Updated on August 04, 2017 15:08 pm

Jerni Camposano

A small and stylish country-style bedroom

1. Hoarding

An organised closet with racks of shoes and clothes on hangers


Lest you forget that you have limited square footage, it's best to get rid of all the clutter that's taking over your space. Know when too much (shopping) is too much. You need as much open space as possible. Declutter and simplify your life.

2. Forgetting the magic of mirror

A clean living and dining room with white walls and a mirror


Mirrors provide the easiest way to "enlarge" a room because it creates such illusion. Placing it opposite a window will allow for light to bounce around the room.

3. Not thinking vertically

Green-walled bathroom with a shelf for storage


If you still haven't maximised your vertical space, then you are missing out a lot on storage solutions. Make the most of your walls by mounting storage options or parking space-saving racks and shelves.

4. Overwhelming the room with too many patterns

Scandinavian-style living room with colourful accents and accessories


You can style up a small space without overwhelming it. Choose a focal point in the room and allow more discreet neutrals to act as supporting elements.

5. Not going for multi-purpose furniture

A multi-purpose ottoman that can store items


When you don't have a lot of space, it's best to choose items that can take on not just one, but two roles in your home. Think: an ottoman that serves as seating and storage, as well as a sofa bed that can transform into a sleeping tool when it's time to hit the sack.

6. Sacrificing style

White-themed living room-cum-library with colourful decors


Small spaces don't need to be clinical and boring. You can always jazz it up and inject some sass and personality.

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