6 Ways to Use Red in Your Space

Ready for red? Work this bold and bright colour into your home.

Updated on June 06, 2017 0:06 am

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You like playing safe, especially when it comes to colours. Why would you splash your walls with magenta paint when you could settle for the calm, fool-proof, and trusty whites? However, injecting red into your living room, dining room, or boudoir brings in a number of aesthetic advantages. It is a great colour choice when your room is devoid of interesting architectural details. It's eye-catching, and it clues your guests in on your fiery (read: non-boring) personality.

"Sometimes just accenting a room with red is enough to change the spirit," says Anna Kasabian, author of The New Home Color Book: Decorate with Color Like a Professional Designer. "Some people like red but tend to shy away from it in their decor because it's a big color and makes what they feel is too strong a statement. If you'd like to use red but don't want to overwhelm your space with it, consider introducing it in a way that will bring out the qualities you admire. Take a step back and think about how you can take the color and gently weave it into your roomscapes."

"The great thing about red is that its range is very dramatic, which gives you many opportunities to use it in different rooms and create distinctly different moods. Deep, dark, rusty red can create the perfect warmth for a library or establish an elegant mood in a dining room. On the other end of the red spectrum, the palest of pinks combined with moss green and yellow can be the perfect backdrop for an ultra-feminine dressing room," adds Kasabian.

Ask yourself what kind of red you want for your spaceā€”red is very easy to tone down or tone up anyway. Here are some tips on how to use this brazen hue:

Design by White Board

Start with upholstery. For a quick touch of red, get a red velvet chair or an entire red couch. "Choose a pattern with other colors, and work off that as your palette," Kasabian advises.

Design by Boxplan Design Connection Pte Ltd

Take it to the wall. "As an accent, choose one red for one wall and create a scene that shows off an elegant table and glass vase," Kasabian says. Here's a challenge: Paint an entire room fire engine red and balance the boldness with furnishings in dark blues and crisp whites.

Design by D'Initial Concept

Dramatise window treatments. "Drama comes through loud and clear if you paint your walls linen white and frame your windows in an apple red. Accessorize with rugs that blend rich red tones with warm hues or cool, depending on the mood you want," Kasabian continues.

Jazz up a room with paintings in red. If you can't go all out with red just yet, display artworks that have red as the main colour.

Make your floors fancy. "Work with red only in your rugs and build a palette from the ground up. The warmth and drama can build up and around the room."

Try these colour combinations. Pair red with green, or with blue. Check out these rooms for inspiration:

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