7 Brilliant Storage Solutions for Small Homes

Stash the clutter away in these well thought out storage solutions.

Updated on July 25, 2018 8:07 am

Catherine Zhang

Brilliant Storage Ideas for Small Homes

Because our spaces are getting smaller and smaller, the more we need to find solutions for our storage. Here are clever ways on how you can manage the beautiful mess inside your small abode:


1. Maximise that space in your bedroom by using turning your headboard into storage spaces.


2. When space is a challenger, take every opportunity to use every square foot of your floor space. Corners, for example, can be maximised by installing floating shelves. You can use them to store your books and display curios.


3. Create a magnetic DIY rack for your knives so you don't have to worry where to store them in your small kitchen.


4. If your living room couldn't accommodate even a small coffee table, use the small space behind your sofa to put a narrow table. It’s a great spot to put your teacups while having a hearty talk with your guests or loved ones.


5. Make your home look even more polished and organised by installing a storage bench by the your entryway. It’s practical and stylish as you can tuck away shoes, slippers, and rugs in here—it's more than just a seat you can use to put on your shoes.


6. The space under the bed can be a storage space, too. Use bins and baskets to store toys and shoes as well as clothes and paper clutter. Always remember to clean your underbed storage to keep dusts at bay.


7. Don’t be afraid to install high shelves in your home. Use this space for items that you don’t want your kids to easily reach.

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