7 Cool Ways to Incorporate Flowers into Your Home

Liven up your space with these classy and creative floral decor ideas.

Updated on June 21, 2017 8:06 am

Steve Feiner


We're drawn to flowers because they evoke positive images and uplift our spirits. They can be offered as gifts during special occasions and incorporated into interiors to add some lustre into a lifeless space. Floral accents can bring elegance and warmth to any environment, most especially our home.

When placed inside the house, flowers filter the air from toxins, giving us healthier indoor atmosphere. People usually put flower vases on top of their dining tables, but there are other creative ways to display those blooms to liven up a space. From room-to-room decor suggestions to the more resourceful recommendations, here are several cool ways to display flowers that will surely create a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere in your home.

1. Perk up your kitchen. One way to make your kitchen look stunning is by accessorising it with flowers in different colours. If you have a dark kitchen, you can brighten it up by displaying white or yellow flowers. Bright kitchen, on the other hand, will stand out more if you decorate it with purple and orange flowers.

2. Skip the traditional vases and containers. Get your creative juices going by using unconventional vessels to contain your flower arrangement. Teacups are great for some dainty blossoms in your kitchen or on your garden tea tables. Maybe you have empty wine bottles lying around? Clean them up and fill them with water before placing fresh flowers. This is also a chance to do some upcycling and challenge your creativity and resourcefulness.

3. Add colour to your dining room. There are a lot of offbeat ideas for floral centrepieces that will suit your dining table. You can either opt for a formal flower arrangement or a simple, charming setting. You can also choose to either DIY your flower arrangement or ask the help of an online florist. If you choose the DIY route, you can try an arrangement of light pink and white roses which you can suspend in a small, round glass vase for a more formal approach. A bouquet of lilies and irises in a tall glass vase, on the other hand, can be a simple but summery decor that adds pretty hues to your dining room.

4. Opt for airborne floral decor. Who says flowers have to be grounded? Hanging florals gives a whimsical feel to the home. Great for outdoor areas like the patio or by the garden, hanging floral arrangements break the monotony of oft-neglected spaces in high places. Dry the flowers and hang them up like wreaths and garlands, or place them in charming baskets to hang in a corner patio or your home’s exterior for a touch of the countryside.

5. Freshen up your bathroom. We rarely put flowers in the bathroom because of the lack of space, limited natural light, and excessive humidity. However, you will be surprised at how fresh your bathroom will look if you decorate it with flowers. For example, if you have a white bathroom, you can either place a bouquet of flowers on the back of the commode or beside the sink to create contrast against a white space. You can also use round wall planters filled with flowers and place them on the bathroom wall.

6. Enliven your living room. The living room is one of the places where we put a lot of ornaments and furnishings because this is where we welcome our guests. We want to make a good impression, so we do our best to make our living room as cosy and homey as possible. So when you decorate your living room with flowers, make sure that they blend into the surroundings and don’t look out of place with the overall interior design. For example, you can never go wrong with white flowers since they can complement any type of design. The most popular ones are hyacinths and roses, which will not only look great in your living room but will also keep the smell of your space really sweet.

7. Brighten your bedroom. Flower selection can set the atmosphere of the bedroom from calm and peaceful to bright and cheery. If you prefer the latter and want to set a cheerful tone to the start and end of your day, then a bright bouquet of sunflowers in a tinted glass vase will do the trick. It will definitely make you feel cheerful when you see it first thing in the morning and bring added brightness to your evening.

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