7 Design Ideas For a Café–Inspired Home

Get that nice, cosy vibe a la coffee shop right in your own residence.

Updated on May 11, 2018 8:05 am

Jemma Chiu

7 Design Ideas For a Café–Inspired Home

There will always be homeowners who would aspire to have coffee shop-inspired home interiors. With cafés at almost every corner of the busy streets of Singapore, you can imitate the same vibe in your home by getting design ideas from these local hangouts:

1. That green element


Incorporate greenery into your industrial-style home, just like how Shop Wonderland has created a sweet surprise in its interiors. Get this look for your home by getting a long teak table and high bar stools. For that tropical vibe, install a wallpaper just like the one above.

2. Minimalist-industrial shelving


Windowsill Pies on Haji Lane is perfect if you love minimalist with a subtle industrial flair. The cafe's open shelving using wood and steel is ideal for homeowners who love the minimalist and industrial styles.

3. A warm welcome


Make your guests feel right at home when they visit your abode by stealing design ideas from Luxe Singapore. Inside this simple and classy cafe, you’ll be welcomed by leather sofas and armchairs, colourful ceramic stools, and an overall cosy ambience.

4. Quirky, eclectic decors


Be inspired by the quirkiness of Hatter Street and Bakehouse and Cafe. Make it your design inspo if you are looking for something whimsical and eclectic for your home. For example, those quirky ceiling fans featuring different colours can be a nice addition to your home—great conversation starters, too!

5. Walls that wow


You'll find the most interesting walls inside coffee shops. On The Table is a cool space with a cohesive overall look. You can take note of how they used every nook and corner—including the walls—to express something. Replicate this look in your home to show off some personality.

6. Mismatched furniture


Put your eclectic taste into good use by taking a page from Working Title’s interior design book. To keep from spending too much on furniture, you can use your old pieces and add some from preloved stores you can find. Mix and match pieces of furniture in your dining room—sometimes messy can be beautiful, too!

7. Vintage vibe


Showing off your vintage collection is also a lovely way to replicate your fave local cafe’s vibe in your home. Old Habits Boutique and Cafe is known for its vintage style interiors—so soak up some inspiration from this local hangout.

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