7 Design Ideas for a Small Bathroom Shower Area

Trick the eye and make your shower area seem more spacious with these tips.

Updated on July 18, 2018 8:07 am

Catherine Zhang

7 Design Ideas for a Small Bathroom Shower Area

It's a bit challenging to decorate when space is a constraint. A small bathroom can be particularly tough to prettify if you have limitations in space. But this is where you can put your creativity and practicality to the test.

We’ve rounded up a few ideas to help you pull off the best small bathroom shower design:

1. Let shower curtains help you.


If your bath space is too small, a shower curtain that you can just pull back and forth can help you save some floor space. Skip the glass door and replace it with shower curtains now!

2. Consider a glass panel.


But if you are not comfortable with curtains and you just cannot live without shower doors, you can have a glass panel instead of glass doors. Not only will it keep all the water from running out of the shower area, but it will also free up needed elbow room.

3. Bid adieu to your tub.


Your bathtub take up so much of your floor space. Losing your tub will open up space in your shower area—which you will soon find very fulfilling.

4. Use a small sink.


Mounting your sink on the wall is an excellent way to free up some space in your small shower area. Look for narrow wash basin designs and thin-edge sinks.

5. Go big on patterns.


Big patterns can trick the eye into seeing a bigger space. Go big on them in the bathroom!

6. Harness the power of light and dark.


Be strategic in choosing colours for your bathroom. If you use dark walls, your small bathroom will look more cramped. Light colours will reflect light and will make your bathroom look bigger. But if you combine these two, you will achieve the perfect bathroom space. Use dark colours on the floors and light colours as an overall colour scheme. This creates an illusion of continuity and won’t draw your eyes to the smallest part of the shower area.

7. Subscribe to the minimalist lifestyle.


Less is more in your shower area. Adopt a minimalist scheme to create a bigger bathroom look. Opt for sleek and seamless look as you keep all the clutter at bay to maximise the floor space.

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