7 Feng Shui Tips For A Happy Home

Because a blissful and peaceful life starts in your abode

Updated on January 29, 2019 8:01 am

Luisa Wong

7 Feng Shui Tips For A Happy Home

As you re-organise, declutter, and keep everything in order in your home before you welcome the Chinese New Year, it is also important to revitalise your space with feng shui. Its principles provide a simple roadmap that you can use if you want peace, tranquility, and positive energy to be in your abode.

Home is where the heart is, so it is important to create balance in it to improve your family’s wellbeing. Here are some feng shui tips for a peaceful and blissful life:

1. Put a water fountain in your entryway.

Water represents wealth. Having a fountain in your entryway is advantageous according to feng shui principles as it does not only beautifies this space but also refreshes it, reduces negativity, and invites positive vibes. It is advisable to put something nice or visually appealing at the place of entrance.

2. Bring fresh energy into your home.

Focus your time and effort in bringing fresh energy to your home. Shower your home with fresh flowers, fresh fruits, recent photos, and everything that is new. By doing so, you can create a new flow of energy in your home that will enhance important aspects in your family life.

3. Post a nameplate on your door.

Having a family nameplate with the complete address of your home outside your door is also an important feng shui tip. As per its principles, doing such will help direct opportunities towards your home. It’s like gravity that pulls fortune into your family life.

4. Move your bed away from the mirror.

When positioning your bed, try placing it in such a way that it does not face a mirror. It is believed to attract negative energy if you see your reflection in the mirror when you sleep.

5. Light it up!

Having a well-lighted home revs up positive energy. It is important to let natural light in as you open up your windows. You can also light up the rest of your home with LED bulbs. However, it is more important that you "light yourself up" internally. You should place objects around your house that exude positive emotions and those that can lift your chi just by looking at it.

6. Seek balance.

In decorating your home, make sure you have something that each represents the five elements—wood, earth, metal, fire, and water—in every room. Having these five feng shui elements in your space lets you stay grounded and centred, as well as restore balance in your life and your home.

7. Clean the clutter.

This is the most basic tip and the most well-known feng shui tip. Having too much clutter in your home traps and invites a lot of negative energy, whereas a clean, organised home attracts positive vibes. So before the Chinese New Year arrives, be sure that you have already decluttered your home by removing things that carry negative energy.

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