7 Vertical Garden Ideas For Your Home

No space is too small to let some fresh greens grow in it.

Updated on May 27, 2019 15:05 pm

Stephanie Yee

Vertical Garden Ideas For Your Home

Vertical gardens are ideal in the limited space that Singaporean homes have. And whether if it's for consumption or for mere decor, having a vertical garden will surely give your space a boost.

The possibilities are endless in styling your vertical garden. Here are ways how you can stylishly grow your green babies at home:


1. Skip the long queues at the supermarket and grow your own produce at home with this lovely planter. With this kind of vertical garden setup, you can grow all your plants in one convenient place.


2. Recycle your tin cans and turn them into colourful pots for your plants. Wash them all first and allow them to dry properly, then splash them with the colour of your choice!


3. Hang a lot of small pots on a pallet board to create your own vertical garden haven. Choose among herbs and small plants such as parsley, cilantro, basil, and rosemary.


4. Create a posh trellis wall garden by using leather and wood. You can grow different types of plants with this kind of vertical garden.


5. If you are someone who loves cooking, here’s something to spice up your kitchen! Use the vertical spaces in your kitchen to install planters and create your own fresh herb garden. Since herbs are easy to take care of, you don’t really need to invest a lot of time pruning and cutting it. Not only do they beautify your kitchen, they can also make a great garnish for main course items, desserts, and cocktails.


6. Create a statement wall with a DIY steel mesh plant holder. Add as many plants as you wish to accent your blank wall with life, courtesy of your green babies.


7. If you are not a rustic style aficionado, you can try making your own chic planters. This DIY tiny little planters for your succulents will surely stand out in your room, giving your space an additional boost to its aesthetic.

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