7 Ways to Make Your Living Room More Relaxing

Turn your living room into a sanctuary that it's meant to be.

Updated on December 26, 2017 12:12 pm

Samantha Echavez

We already get enough stress and chaos at work, during daily commute, and in the environment we live in, so it's imperative that we make our home—our own haven—a peaceful retreat. Your living room, for one, should be your place of comfort and relaxation.

Here are various ways to transform your living room into a room full of life and serenity:

1. Take away unnecessary decor.

"To transform our homes into more calming environments, the first step is to strike a balance between clear space and objects or decorations," says Juliet Pegrum, author of Peace at Home: Simple Solutions for Rooms. "The first step toward attaining this balance is to strip away all that is unnecessary in terms of decoration and material possessions." Decluttering is a total must-do to achieve a more peaceful living room—click here for decluttering tips.


2. Mind the furniture arrangement.

According to Jill Vegas, author of Speed Decorating,"Proper arrangement of [furniture] pieces is what will make your room comfortable and inviting." Here's a suggestion: "Furniture, just like people, needs a little 'personal space' so it can breathe. Move the sofa just six inches from the wall to give it that space. Position the coffee table, side chair, end table, and lamps near the sofa to create a grouping. This provides a comfortable conversation area."

3. Add soft textures and relaxing colours.

Consider neutral and warm colours to invite a cosy feel; white works as well. Make sure fabrics in the living room—cushions, rugs, throws—look and feel soft to touch.


4. Display family photographs.

Relaxation easily sets in when you see photos of people you hold dear. Check out creative ways on how to display family photos here.

5. Create a cosy corner.

Carve out a reading nook where you can sit back, read your favourite book, and enjoy the peace and quiet of your home. Opt for a plush armchair and place it by the window so you can fully enjoy the natural light coming in.


6. Add Zen and spa-like elements into your living room.

"Spas and tropical homes tend to use the same design principles. They create calm environment that appeal to our senses. This is done using the natural interior design principle which is to bring the outside in by using as many natural materials as possible," says Diyana Nicole, author of Home Sanctuary. This means adding wood, stone grains, greenery, and even water features like a small bamboo fountain into your living room.


7. Create calming vignettes.

"A vignette is a small, pleasing picture formed by grouping several objects — think of it as a pocket-size table arrangement that tells a story about you and your home. A vignette is a harmonious tableau made from a variety of items, rather than a large collection of similar articles (for example, clocks or toys), which would require a different display strategy," says interior design enthusiast Janet Dunn. Create one that evokes a sense of calm.


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