8 Colour Ideas for Your Living Room

Not in the mood for neutrals? Check out these bright colour palettes that will set the tone for your living room.

Updated on June 22, 2017 8:06 am

Samantha Echavez


Colour is a must-have element in any room. “It can set the tone of an interior and make it seem formal or informal, masculine or feminine, cooly aloof or invitingly warm,” says Jonathan Poore, author of Interior Color by Design. If you’re still thinking about what colour palette to implement in your living room, check out these suggestions below:


Blue and Yellow
The cerulean blue wall is a definite standout, and is a jumping-off point for the living room’s colour palette. Furnishings in the same colour and mustard yellow accents complete the look. The neutral sofa highlights the cheeriness of this colour scheme.


Brown definitely has a room in your living room, especially if you have an eclectic artwork to show off. Pair brown with a bright printed sofa to highlight the former’s handsome elegance.


Grey and Mustard Yellow
If you still can’t veer away from using neutrals in your home, you can always pair it with a bright hue, like mustard yellow.


Hot Pink
Got a cream sofa perched on a wooden floor? Too somber-looking, right? Style it up by peppering your living room with girly and pretty hues like pink and green.


Light Blue and Green
Welcome an inviting atmosphere into your living room by painting your walls soft blue. Add an energetic hue like moss green or bright green for a stylish lift.


Mint Green
Got bold and geometric prints to display in your living room? Use a mint green wall as your jumping-off point—it’s stunning but not overwhelmingly bold.


Hot Pink and Chocolate Brown
Vibrant shades of pink go well with earthy hues like khaki and brown. This colour combination results in a chic yet homey look.


Cornflower Blue and Orange
Patterned furnishings in cornflower blue blend effortlessly well with tangerine accents and furniture pieces. White walls and beige sofa tone down this bold and bright colour scheme.

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