8 Design Ideas For A Teen Girl's Bedroom

Help them feel like they're living their teenage dream with these amazing room ideas.

Updated on June 10, 2019 11:06 am

Stephanie Yee

Design Ideas For A Teen Girl's Bedroom

Let’s face it: Your little girl is a little grown up now. While you still have the final say on everything that she would do, your girl can now make her own choices—even in decorating and designing her own bedroom. In achieving this dream bedroom, it's always important to remember that her space is an expression of who she is.

Here are some ideas to help spark up your creativity in creating a versatile space for your teens:

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1. This bedroom, packed with glamour and elegance, used a lot of whites and blacks with subtle introductions of colour to achieve a modern farmhouse look. It was kept simple and clean. Even the chunky knit blanket and sheepskin stools added texture and warmth to the room.


2. Give your teenage girl’s room a relaxed and easy vibe by choosing a boho-chic environment for her. Starting from the beddings down to the wall decor, nothing beats a stylish yet chill ambience that you get by incorporating this design style in the bedroom. Aside from the wooden elements, metal bed frames, and soft linens, throw in a white fur throw blanket.


3. Sometimes, teenagers find their room as an escape. Give them a chance to relax by designating a fun spot where they can lounge. This bedroom has a bubble chair on the side, which gives the bedroom a cheerful look.


4. Make the room a little less boring by doing some ceiling art. Without changing the overall vibe of the room, this design idea can be as simple as star stickers, ombre paints, or more sophisticated decals.


5. Always remember that your teenage girl’s room must fit their lifestyle. You can design their room based on their preferences such as their favourite hobby.


6. While young girls want their rooms full of pink stuff, older girls don’t. Replete with monochromatic patterns and pops of soft pink, this multi-purpose room is every grown-up girl’s dream—where she can work, study, relax, and have a peaceful sleep at night.


7. This bedroom has a grown-up vibe that isn’t too serious yet still dynamic and decorative, thanks to its whimsical touches.


8. If your teenage girls share a bedroom, help them decide on how they’d want their space to look. To avoid conflict, you can start by dressing up the room with large-scale wall art. Bring them into the conversation when selecting which artwork to use in their room so that they can feel a bit of sense of responsibility in personalising it. Let them also choose the colours and patterns that will reflect their style.

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