8 Ways To Add Value To Your Bathroom

Here are some top-of-mind upgrades that are worth making.

Updated on February 05, 2019 8:02 am

Catherine Zhang

Ways To Add Value To Your Bathroom

Unknown to many, the state of a bathroom is an important factor in appraising the value of a home. It's a huge selling point, that’s why a lot of people devote their time and budget on renovating this personal space.

A renovated bathroom is not just a great selling factor, but it also makes your daily living comfortable. There are a lot of things you can consider when renovating this space depending on your lifestyle and budget.

Here are some upgrades to consider:

1. Add storage space.

A good bathroom requires plenty of storage space. Make the most out of your bathroom space by having a well-thought-out design. Consider both vertical and horizontal space, custom-built units as well as cabinets that can make efficient use of small spaces.

2. Change your showerhead.

If your showerhead has been hanging around the stall for a while, it’s time for an upgrade. A simple change of your showerhead can make a great deal out of your bathroom. There are a lot of showerhead styles to choose from, which can improve mood, relieve tension, massage away aches, and more.

3. Change outdated fixtures.

Update the look of your bathroom by changing outdated fixtures. From faucets to handles, opt for satin or brushed nickel finishes that can go well with most tile designs. If you want a classic look, chrome is also a good choice.

4. Update your lighting fixtures.

Lighting is also a factor that you should focus on when adding value to your bathroom. Sconce or task lights are a popular choice since they do not take up a lot of space. When installed alongside your mirrors, they can contribute to the overall aesthetic of the bathroom. You might also want to install a dimmer for added versatility and control.

5. Consider letting in more natural light.

Even if you have the chicest lighting fixtures in the bathroom, you should still have even a small window that can provide a significant amount of light to your space to make it feel bright and airy.

6. Replace your old vanity.


This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to boost the look of a bathroom. Vanity is a key piece in the bathroom that draws the eye the moment your guests step inside so it is important to choose a quality piece that is both durable and affordable.

7. Keep the colour scheme light.

Choosing the colour for your renovated bathroom is also an important task. You might want to keep the colours neutral and light to achieve a clean and fresh look.

8. Don’t forget the importance of deep cleaning.

You’ll be surprised at how deep cleaning can upgrade the look of your bathroom. More than updating the fixtures, adding features, or painting the walls, deep cleaning every nook and cranny can refresh the overall appearance of your bathroom.

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