9 Cool Bedrooms Your Teens Will Love

These locally designed spaces will have your teen going “Mum/Dad, I want this room!”

Updated on January 08, 2018 12:01 pm

Camille Besinga

Sky @ 11 by Image Creative Design Pte Ltd

Have a brooding young musician in your midst? Give in to his or her edgy, moody phase with this black and grey chamber. Who knows? You could be raising the next John Mayer!

Apartment at Punggol Field by Honeywerkz Design Studio

This all-white bedroom with pops of cheery colour is perfect for your little Miss Neat Pick.

Compassvale HDB by Image Creative Design Pte Ltd

Got lots of kids and not much space? Bunk beds are your saving grace (though these four bunk beds, we imagine, will be a riot!).

The Bayshore by Artis Interior

Two different bedrooms on The Bayshore feature cool artworks to dress up walls. Adolescents will love a fun colour like teal, while a young adult transitioning from college to yuppie life will want something more sophisticated and subtle, like warm grey.

Touch of Nostalgia by M3 Design Studio

Adolescence is a time when teens try to explore their interests. They’ll love the abundance of shelves that will allow them to display all their of-the-moment, um, stuff.

Peach Garden By Rezt & Relax Interior

Rigid angles from the bed, mirror, and some portions of the wall painted in geometric blues are balanced out by the round shapes from the crayon-colourful rug and that so-mod swinging pod.

Penthouse at Cascadia by Space Vision Design Pte Ltd

Make use of ceiling height by creating a loft area for your teen—whether for the bed or a study area. Teens love getting their own hideaway spot.

Space Saver by Objet d’Art Pte Ltd

Nix adolescent clutter by providing more than enough closet, drawer, and shelf space for your growing teen.

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