9 Design Ideas for a Romantic Bedroom

Be in the mood for love with these dreamy bedrooms.

Updated on October 03, 2018 8:10 am

Luisa Wong

Romantic Bedrooms You'll Wish Were Yours

Achieving a romantic bedroom is all about sweet pastel hues, soft linens, and soft and elegant textures. However, adding a touch of romance and a dash of dramatic flair in your bedroom is not limited to pink, fluffy elements.

Check out how you can achieve that perfect romantic luxe you’re dreaming of for your sleeping sanctuary with these design ideas:

1. One way you can inject romance in your bedroom is by having a glamorous headboard. Plush upholstery or velvet headboard will surely make a statement in your bedroom.


2. If you don’t have a four-poster bed or cannot afford to install a canopy, make a style statement in your bedroom by draping sheer curtains hooked on your ceilings. Arrange the fabric in graceful drapes at the foot of your bed. This fresh, new take on a classy look will surely scream romance in all corners of your bedroom.

3. For a more sensual feel, make sure that you keep the lighting in your room soft and low. A bright overhead light is a total mood killer and it will surely shut down romance quicker than you can imagine. Adequate bedside lighting and keeping all the light sources dim are the keys to achieving that overly romantic vibe.


4. Opt for a knitted or vintage linen bedding for a more laid back look as you Netflix and chill in your bedroom.


5. An ornate ceiling fixture is a definite must-have in your romantic bedroom. You can use other light fixtures as well such as pendant lights, drum-shaped shades, and lovely bedside lamps to create a soft glow in your bedroom.


6. A romantic colour scheme does not exist. However, you might want to generally stick to neutrals with a splash of pastels to keep that subtly romantic yet playful ambiance in your bedroom.


7. Explore more than just 50 shades of grey in decorating a romantic bedroom. While you can go with the light colour palette, you can also opt for a darker colour option. Dark walls will definitely keep the mood in your room cosier and more intimate.


8. A four-poster bed speaks romance in every way. With white linens and neutral-coloured walls, this bedroom lives up to its romantic flair with sheer simplicity.


9. There is something about pink that makes sincerity and sensuality stand out. A perfect shade of pink hits the spot and tickles your senses. Choose the right shade of pink as too much will make your room too saccharine and girly, which is the opposite of what you want to achieve.

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