9 Home Renovations Under $30,000

Beautiful HDB transformations that cost less than $30,000

Updated on June 21, 2017 10:06 am

Jerni Camposano


Allotted $30,000 for your home renovation? Be inspired by how these homeowners were able to create a space that they could truly call their own with that budget and even less.

1. Salina's BTO flat in Yishun
Budget: Less than $4,000

This 67-square-metre BTO flat is brimming with DIY creations, thanks to Salina's desire to create a bright and welcoming weekend home for her family. Devoid of bulky and overwhelming furniture pieces, this vintage industrial home was completed without going over the set budget of $4,000.

2. Mite and Carol's BTO flat in Punggol
Budget: $19,000

This couple's HDB flat showcases elements of picturesque Europe. Mite and Carol were successful in incorporating touches of Paris, London, Greece, and the Scandinavia into their 93-square-metre family home, thanks to their designer friend.

3. Don and Octavia's 4 Room HDB flat in Woodlands
Budget: $25,000

Here's another home that proves DIY projects can create a uniquely beautiful space, one that shows a lot of personality. The couple was very involved in the home renovation process. The result: spaces stamped with their personal touches.

4. Bon and Biwa's balance flat in Tampines
Budget: $27,000

Fun, colourful, and quirky, this retro-eclectic abode is home to a number of interior design styles: vintage, retro, industrial, Scandinavian, contemporary. No corner is boring in this creative couple's Tampines flat.

5. Adam and Thea's 5 Room BTO flat in Punggol
Budget: $27,000

Inspired by the New York lofts, this couple's 110-square-metre home beautifully blends industrial and country style features. Adam and Thea designed it themselves, and just hired a contractor to bring the ideas to life.

6. Danny and Valene's 5 Room HDB flat in Yishun
Budget: $28,000

With the help of I'Dzigners, Danny and Valene were able to build a beautiful home peppered with Scandinavian, eclectic, and Victorian touches. White walls serve as fitting canvas for their bright and colourful decors and accessories.

7. Kok Weng and Jacelyn's 4 Room BTO flat in Tampines
Budget: $28,000

This couple's home exudes luxe and romance in every corner, courtesy of its modern Parisian with a Victorian twist theme. Within a month after their wedding, Kok Weng and Jacelyn concluded their renovation journey, which included sourcing furniture from Indonesia and Malaysia, working with the contractors, and handcrafting the decors.

8. Alvin and Winnie's Premium BTO flat in Hougang
Budget: $30,000

This loving couple didn't have to spend a lot to renovate their 92-square-metre home. All they had to do was decorate it with Hello Kitty accessories to brighten up the mood. They hired Diapro Singapore Pte Ltd to create the black-and-white contemporary space that became the purr-fect backdrop for their Hello Kitty-themed flat.

9. Paul and Gloria's 4 Room HDB flat in Punggol
Budget: $30,000

In a sea of Scandinavian homes, Paul and Gloria's French country-style home stands out. They engaged FD Design Pte Ltd to execute the missus' ideas and dream of a cosy country home. The final product was an HDB flat that is too pretty for words!

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