Avoid These Decorating Mistakes In Your Kitchen!

These decorating boo-boos prevent you from achieving the kitchen of your dreams.

Updated on July 07, 2019 16:07 pm

Catherine Zhang

Avoid These Decorating Mistakes In Your Kitchen!

Getting your kitchen decorating right can be a little daunting. Having less would make it feel empty. Having a little too much would make it looked unorganised. But contrary to what other homemakers believe, you really don't need a full-blown kitchen makeover to transform the heart of your home from boring to striking. Sometimes, what you really need is to know which mistakes you should avoid in decorating your space to make it beautiful and functional.

Here are some of the gleaming errors you should avoid when decorating a functional and stylish kitchen:

1. Not planning the shelving units well

Open shelving is great, but overdoing it and not carefully planning the shelves is one of the most common kitchen decorating mistakes that homeowners make. Having mixed shelvings—open and enclosed—will ensure balance and a well-curated look.

2. No enough space to gather

Not having enough space to gather defeats the very purpose of your space. Your kitchen is the heart of your home and what better way to maximise its full potential than to have space for people to come together? Whether adding bar stools or a couple of chairs and a small table, be sure that you can still entertain people while you're making their favourite chicken and rice meal.

3. Not choosing the right countertop

Time and again, interior designers would always put emphasis on this. People would often get too excited in choosing their countertop that they forget why they need it. When it comes to choosing the right countertop, you have to be realistic on how you are going to use your space. If you don't have enough time to clean it, choose something that isn't hard to clean. If you want something that is functional, choose a material that isn't too delicate.

4. Not considering the height of the cabinets

Another common mistake in kitchen decorating is the height of the cabinets. Cabinets that are too high will not help you become efficient while having too low of a cabinet that is not extended to the ceiling will make your ceiling feel lower. In choosing the height of your cabinet, consider your reach and your ceiling height.

5. Not having proper lighting

Lighting is essential in every home and a perfectly functioning kitchen needs good lighting. Avoid accidents in your kitchen because of insufficient lighting—if it's too dim, consider adding pendant lighting fixtures as well as under-the-cabinet LED strips. You can also add dimmers if you think you have too much lighting, so you can make your space look cosy and warm.

6. Not extending your backsplash to the ceiling

It would feel and look incomplete if your backsplash stops at the middle of the wall. Get your hands a little bit dirty as you install additional backsplash all the way to the ceiling.

7. Not choosing the right accessory

A beautiful kitchen would fall flat when you decorate it with wrong accessories. Before you start renovating and decorating, set a budget for your kitchen accessories. This is a great opportunity for you to map out what you need as well as assess the colour and theme of your space.

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