Before and After: 5 Gorgeous Small Bathroom Makeovers

Here are a some incredible bathroom transformations you can take note of.

Updated on April 25, 2018 8:04 am

Stephanie Yee

Before and After: 5 Gorgeous Bathroom Makeovers

Everyone loves to have a nice, clean bathroom. If you are looking for ways to wow your guests with a sleek, stylish, and fab bathroom, here are a some incredible room transformations that you can take note of:

1. A colourful makeover

Before: White seems a typical bathroom colour. However, it tends to be boring and lifeless.

After: See how colour brought to life this once clinical-looking space. The brand new flooring as well as the Persian blue paint on the wall give off a funky vibe.

2. From stressful to serene

Before: This bathroom looks dark and overcrowded. The black cabinetry and wainscoting added to the stressful look of the room.

After: With a touch of white and aqua, the bathroom looks fresher and lighter than ever. Pushing the tub against the wall provided more space for the toilet bowl and sink.

3. Some storage solutions, please

Before: This bathroom lacks one thing: storage space. The beige and bland colour the bathroom made the room look cold and lacking in the style department.

After: A perfect mix and match of materials can make any bathroom look well put together. The materials used here added texture and colour to the bathroom.

4. A hint of colour did the trick

Before: One thing remains true in this bathroom: it lacks personality. White is the main colour present in the overall aesthetics, but colour and style seem to be absent in this bathroom.

After: Though it did not deviate from its original colour, a pop of colour, a dash of bold prints, and a layer of new pieces of bathroom furniture added spunk into this once dull space. The shower curtain gave the bathroom a more casual and trendy look while uplifting the room’s all-white look.

5. Change positions

Before: This bathroom is as basic as it can get. The placement of the bathroom essentials made the room look cramped and dark.

After:The uber basic bathroom has turned into a sleek and modern one—thanks to the geometric floor tiles as well as the shift in position of the storage spaces. The bathroom now looks more crisp, clean, and pretty.

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