Clever Storage Spots in the Living Room

Check out these smart yet overlooked spaces in your room where you can stash your stuff.

Updated on January 03, 2019 8:01 am

Stephanie Yee

Clever Storage Spots in the Living Room

Many people see the living room as a space to entertain guests and spend quality time with their families. However, for clever homemakers, this room can also be used to hide away stuff so as not to stumble over piles of clutter.

Check out these smart ideas for keeping your living room stylishly clutter-free:

1. Use your furniture.


Maximise your furniture by using them to hide your stuff. There are ottomans available in the market that opens up as a storage box which is enough to keep large books and magazines.

2. Make your coffee table work hard.

Your coffee table is not only for displaying your succulents and vases. It can also be an essential piece in keeping clutter at bay. Your sidetable’s hollow base can store remote controls and other little stuff.

3. Look up!


Your living room’s ceiling is an under-appreciated spot that can be a perfect place for additional storage. Build narrow shelving units above and down the sides of your doorway to maximise the wall area—this is where you can display and store your book collection.

4. Turn an awkward corner into a useful space.


If you have an awkward corner right in your living room, you can easily turn this wasted space into a practical storage unit. You might want to talk to your trusted carpenter to build a custom built-in and see to it that this angled corner will be to your advantage.

5. Check the space between the sofa and the wall.


Is your sofa not pushed against the wall? You can use the space between your sofa and the wall to insert a console that will serve as an extra shelving unit for your books, plants, or magazines.

6. Skip the unadorned wall scheme.

If you are tight for space, you can forget about the unadorned TV wall and frame it with shelving units instead. You’ll never know how much storage opportunities it can create to help you with your clutter problem.

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