Colour Focus: Orange

How to decorate your home using this refreshing and revitalizing hue

Updated on June 23, 2017 20:06 pm

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Whether in a vibrant, zesty, or muted shade, orange will surely provide a boost of energy to your interiors. This refreshing hue can also work well with other colours to give your home a lot of cheerful character.

"As orange is a combination of red and yellow, it takes on many of the characteristics of both colors. Vibrant and warm, orange has the physical force of red, but is less frenetic, intense and passionate," says Leatrice Eiseman, author of Colors for Your Every Mood: Discover Your True Decorating Colors.

See how you can use orange to vivify your space:


Paint your entryway walls with apricot as it works wonders in creating a warm and welcoming ambiance. Here, the mid-tone hue on the wall provides a wonderful backdrop for the gold faux bamboo mirror, wooden console, and a pair of lamps in robin-egg blue.


Eiseman explains, "A dining room is both delectable and dramatic in many shades of orange, such as cantaloupe, apricot nectar, papaya punch and brandied melon. These shades subtly stimulate the appetite, and your guests will think you're a great cook!"


Break the monotony of a jet-black modern kitchen with glossy tangerine cabinets and pendant lamps.


Provide a sprightly and happy vibe to your white kitchen via orange decors—in this country-style kitchen, the energetic boost comes from of the bar stools, flowers, and ceramics.


Orange's happy associations make it a lovely colour choice for living rooms, where the family gathers most of the time. "The deeper orange tones work best here, not only because of the wear-and-tear factor, but as the oranges start to approach brown, the more secure and rooted they feel, both good-reassuring messages for family living," notes Eiseman.


If you're not too keen on washing your living room with orange, you can always mix it with other colours. Pair with blue, its complementary colour, and watch the decors pop and create a beautiful contrast.


The peach wall in this vintage bedroom provides the perfect setting for an inviting and relaxing bedroom.


Don't settle for a bland bathroom when you can paint the walls with coral or place orange-hued decors for a dose of sunny delight.


The vibrant hue is also recommended for kids' rooms. "Children respond happily to orange. To them, orange is as friendly as a freckle, as giddy as a giggle. It is especially appealing to the three- to six-year-old age group," says Eiseman.


Achieve a citrus-y ambiance in your home by opting for an orange and lime green colour scheme. Refreshing, isn't it?

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