Colour Focus: Yellow

Here are some examples of yellow interiors that could inspire you to utilise this hue.

Updated on June 13, 2017 8:06 am

Camille Besinga


If you want your room to generate sunshiny, positive vibes, try adding a dose of yellow. Yellow is known to be the most emotional of the primary colours, and has the unique ability to lift one’s spirits. It is also believed to inspire creative energy, and introduce vitality into one’s space.

Of course, this all depends on how much of the colour you are bringing into your room, and what shade, tint, tone, or intensity you choose to use. Some people do tend to feel that too much yellow has a negative psychological effect (ever heard of the expression “yellow streak”?). So pick a shade of yellow that resonates with you, and use it in amounts that you (and the people you live with) find sufficient.


Matching linen and window shades cheer up a room made up mostly of eggshell and milky whites.


The combination of yellow and various shades of grey (like dove and slate, shown above) is currently popular, as the grey tends to subdue yellow’s temper and makes it look more sophisticated.


A yellow entryway is a good tactic to cheer up anyone who enters your home, yourself included.


Yellow in the kitchen is common because it stirs up creativity (good for whipping up new dishes) as well as conversation.


A traditional, black-and-white room gets a shot of cheer through yellow add-ons like a throw, a pillow, and a cluster of flowers.


Using yellow in a conference room may cheer up mind-numbing brainstorming sessions.


Yellow has a variety of shades and intensities. If you’re not too keen on, say, bright lemon, use more muted yellow tones like cream or ecru.


What other colourways can be formed with yellow? Go the way of contrasts—either with warm hues like red or pink, or cool hues, like aquamarine or teal.

Check out more inspiring photos of yellow spaces and accents here.

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