Colours That Can Elevate The Style Of Your Dining Area

Make this hardworking room stand out by using the right colours.

Updated on August 13, 2019 15:08 pm

Catherine Zhang

Colours That Can Elevate The Style Of Your Dining Area

You are going to use the dining room most of the time, so might as well make it stylish and likeable. One of the best ways to shake up the dining room is through colours. So whether you’re thinking of using bold ones or neutral shades, you can actually transform your space from bland to breathtaking. Check out these dining rooms for inspiration.

Photo credit: @mrstylovesdecor

1. Shower your dining room with glitz and glamour by using gold. This shining, shimmering, splendid colour will not only up the design ante your space, but will also introduce a bit of bling into one of the busiest corners of your home.

Photo credit: @home__sweet__homes

2. Black always looks good, and yes, even in dining spaces. Though using black is a risky choice, it can still be a dramatic hue that you can use in your dining area. Black walls, floors, furnishings, and room accents can bring out your space’s edgy vibe.

Photo credit: @pmqfortwo

3. What about giving your dining room a playful touch? This dining room has a bold accent wall, matte black pendant lighting, abstract art, and patterned rug that turned this formal space into an eclectic, stylish space.

Photo credit: @mirjana_mikulec

4. Blue is truly a refreshing colour to behold. This crisp and relaxing colour can surprisingly refresh your space. If you are not yet sure if this is the right colour for you, try incorporating blue in rugs, drapes, accessories, or chairs before fully committing to it. But who would say no to this dashing and charming colour, right?

Photo credit: @blackbirdchateau

5. Infuse the energy and zest of orange into your eating area. The orange chairs surely set the mood of this dining room and is perfectly complemented by the stylish chandelier.

Photo credit: @be.colorful.coastal

6. Draped in tropical, vivacious colours, this space feels like a delightful tropical getaway. This dining area is filled with coral and aqua colours, accentuated by green—soothing, calming, truly refreshing.

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