Decor Tips to Cheer You Up

Designer-approved decorating tricks that’ll put a smile on your face

Updated on January 23, 2019 11:01 am

Camille Besinga

Decor Tips to Cheer You Up

Is your own house making you feel tired/gloomy/depressed? It’s time to punch things up with these feel-good decorating tricks.

1. Repaint in high gloss.


Aside from giving furnishings a new lease on life, repainting it in high gloss ensures it looks vivid, as well as reflects light, making whatever corner you place it in so much brighter.

Bedroom by M3 Design Studio

A glossy sky-blue headboard cheers up this masculine bedroom—even with the black wall right across it.

2. Add more colour—whether in small doses or in a cheery explosion.

Living room by Loft 8 Ciseern Pte Ltd

This neutral-hued space gets a jolt of colour from the vivid artwork over the console.

Yellow is another colour that will literally brighten up your space. Use it sparingly as too much of it may negatively affect one’s mood. Here’s our story on using yellow accents to vivify your space.


Why not go all out with a multi-hued palette? Add colour via upholstery, drapery, and flowers.

3. Let in more natural light.

Bedroom design by Story of Us

For rooms with small windows, it may be a good idea to do without drapery (or with sheer curtains, if you really want some privacy) to let as much sunlight in.

Ann & James’ Maisonette at Yishun

If you’re fortunate enough to have a balcony in your home, throw open the doors as often as you can! Not only does that let in lots of light, but it also keeps your space aerated.

Get more tips on how to utilise natural light in your home here.

4. Remove cluttered knick-knacks.

Gerard and Rebecca’s Dream Home

Minimalist living isn’t just a style; it also clears up sentimental clutter that often wreaks havoc on one’s moods and emotions.

Read up on other nifty ways to get rid of chaos at home here.

5. Switch out heavy furniture with slimmer, more slender ones.

Bedroom by TOPOS Design Studio Pte Ltd

The fully upholstered bed frame with headboard already occupies much of the space in this contemporary bedroom; metal mesh side tables and sleek pendant lamps keep the space from feeling too heavy.

Study by TOPOS Design Studio Pte Ltd

A show-stopping light fixture acts as the accent in this sparsely furnished study. The slim midcentury forms of the table, chair, and shelves help counter the lamp’s sinuous shape.

6. Add plants or flowers.

Living room by Artis Interior

Yellow tulips further cheer up various corners in this simple but fun-looking living room.


Bright pink flowers add vibrance to an otherwise staid white corner of the kitchen. If you can’t get them fresh, beautiful faux blooms that look just like the real thing will suffice (not to mention will last longer too).


Plants also do the job of purifying the air inside our homes. Herbs, on the other hand, subtly add delicious scents indoors. To find out which plants are perfect for your home, check out our list here.

7. Change small stuff like throw pillows, linen or fabrics, and tabletop accessories.


Go for texture and prints in creating a lively tableau right on the couch.

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