Design Ideas For Dividers In Your Home

Do you need something to create zones in your home? No need to build a wall with these ideas!

Updated on July 04, 2019 13:07 pm

Stephanie Yee

Design Ideas For Dividers In Your Home

Sometimes, a space needs to be divided to provide privacy or to better manage a home. When building a wall is not in the picture, a well thought-out room divider can solve this problem.

Here are some inspiring ideas for room dividers in your home:

Photo credit: @blhk_furniture

1. You can maximise your divider by including shelf provisions just like this one. The divider does not only create zones in the room, but also provides enough storage space for the homeowner’s stuff.

Photo by: @tarakashaniinteriors

2. If you are a bookworm, you will surely love this one. Your bookcase sitting at the corner of your home can be used as a handy room divider. The one pictured above used a golden bookcase, which divides the receiving area and the living room.

Photo credit: @shoji_screensanddoors

3. Create a room within a room by using sliding screens. By having this kind of room divider, you can easily open up your space if you need to accommodate more guests and close it when you feel like you need more privacy.

Photo credit: @masterverkinteriordesigns

4. This swoon-worthy room divider is complemented by exquisite veneers and customised lights to create that serene and relaxing mood in this home. The soft glow of the lighting fixtures makes the room even more glamorous and stylish.

Photo credit: @directdoors

5. Whether you’re looking for a way to divide an office space or a bedroom from the rest of the rooms, having glass sliding doors takes the cake.

Photo credit by: @hirosmarketplace

6. Spice up your wall divider by turning your wooden panels into heavenly pieces of art. Customise it based on your own preference to include a piece of yourself in this part of your home.

Photo credit: @thehouseinthehollow

7. Practical and innovative. This portable room divider is one for the books! You can use a little greenery inside to divide a space. You can use any type of wood you want, fill it with soil, add details of your liking, plant a variety of indoor plants, and there you have your own wall planter! Make it mobile by attaching wheels on its wooden feet and give it a rustic look by coating it with just varnish.

Photo credit: @celticmobili

8. If you’re looking for a more modern divider, this might be the one for you. Floor-to-ceiling room divider with geometric details makes this space a standout.

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