Different Types of Bathroom Sinks

Take your pick from among the most common types of bathroom sinks.

Updated on June 16, 2017 10:06 am

Camille Besinga


Not easy to pick out a sink for your bathroom? Depending on your bathroom’s size and style, you can choose from among the following types of sinks according to the way it is installed.


1. The wall-mounted sink. It's one of the most common types of sinks. It is perfect for bathrooms that have very limited square footage, or for powder rooms. A disadvantage to the wall-mount sink is that there is hardly any storage space. Many homeowners partner this kind of sink with a medicine cabinet to make up for the lack of storage.


2. The self-rimming/drop-in/top-mount sink . This kind of sink has many names, but all describe the way it is installed. Because it is "dropped" into a cutout on a counter or vanity, it is called a "drop-in sink." It is also made with a lip or "rim" at the top that helps set it in place on and keeps it from sinking under the countertop, hence, the moniker "self-rimming sink." It is also known as a top-mount sink due to it being mounted from the top, although this name may also describe other types of sinks.


3. The undermount sink. As its name suggests, the undermount sink is mounted from beneath the counter (usually a solid surface counter like granite or marble), held in place by caulk and clips, and shows a seamless integration from countertop to sink. It is, however, a bit more expensive than the others, but well worth the cost as it gives no chance for leaks if installed properly.


4. The pedestal sink. It's a floor-mounted sink whose hardware is covered by an extension of the sink material, making it appear like a pedestal or leg support for the sink. One problem some homeowners have with this style is, again, the lack of storage space, so this is recommended for bathrooms that are not heavily used, like guest powder rooms.


4. The semi-pedestal sink. It's actually a cross between the wall-mount sink and the pedestal sink, but where the wall-mount sink usually has its under-sink hardware exposed, the semi-pedestal’s hardware is covered by the same material extension as pedestal, except that for this one, it doesn’t reach the floor.


5. The vessel sink. It's a favourite among newly made homes, but it is not limited to contemporary styles. Because the sink by itself must simply just take on a vessel or basin form, it can take on myriad forms: glass, crystal, stone, marble, mosaic, or even handcrafted bowls.


6. The vanity sink. It is, simply put, a sink that comes with a table or cabinet vanity. It is best used in spacious bathrooms, like master bedrooms or suites, and has plenty of storage opportunities below. As the images above show, vanity sinks may make use of different types of sink—undermount, self-rimming, or vessel—but always come with the counter, table, or cabinet storage. It also sometimes gives a furniture-like appearance.

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