Don't Have A Foyer? Here's How To Fake It

Hack your way to create an entryway for your small home.

Updated on March 29, 2019 8:03 am

Stephanie Yee

Don't Have A Foyer? Here's How To Fake It

Because typical Singaporean homes are of limited space, creating a foyer is a complicated game. Since the front door opens up right to the living room, creating a defined space to drop off things before entering can be a bit challenging. So what to do?

Devising a foyer if you don’t have one does not mean you need to tear down walls just to have space for it. Your narrow hallways and cramped space can still work by using smart styling hacks to create a fake entryway.

Here are ways how you can hack your way to create an entryway like a pro.

1. Slim down.


A narrow space is a silver lining for clever homemakers. Create a narrow landing strip by using a slim console. This area is enough for you to minimise clutter in your home as you stash mails and keys even in the smallest of entryways.

2. Add a bench or stool.


Placing a bench near the front door will help you set up a faux foyer. Apart from having a landing strip for your keys and mails, being able to sit down while you tie your shoes even in the tiniest space available will make your home feel and look complete. This bench is also a good spot to hide shoes and slippers.

3. Use your bookshelf as a divider.


Create a natural transition between the entryway and your living room by using a simple bookcase as a divider. Decorate it with books and art pieces to create not just a fake foyer but also an Instagram-worthy spot.

4. Make room for indoor plants.


Section your area with potted plants to create a small entryway. By adding greeneries in this area, your space will feel less cramped and more inviting. Complete the look with a console table, a mirror, and a tiny bench.

5. Punch holes on your wall and hook ‘em.


Putting a couple of hooks on your blank wall will do you a lot of favours. First, you’ll have a spot for coats, bags, keys, and more. Also, you’ll get to have a more organised look. Lastly, you don’t need to put another furniture just to section the area.

6. Add shelves.


If you think hooks might not be enough for your fake foyer, you can use the hook-shelf combo to make your space look more organised. After you’ve installed new hooks on your wall, install shelves underneath them so that you can store other items that are not meant for hanging.

7. Paint or pattern, it doesn’t matter.


Set your faux foyer apart from your living room with paint or patterns on the wall. You might want to consider putting wallpapers or painting the floor and ceiling just like the wall colour to really create the idea of setting apart from the rest of your home.

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