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Stay cool in the sweltering heat with Efenz’s latest collection of direct current fans that offers both form and function in equal measure.

Updated on January 02, 2019 8:01 am

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Efenz’s latest collection of direct current fans

In a country like Singapore where heat and humidity levels are always high, there’s nothing better than cooling off under a powerful ceiling fan. But while there are no shortage of such suppliers and manufacturers, one brand that’s hoping to revolutionise the way homeowners beat the heat is home-grown fan supplier Efenz, and their latest capsule collection, Kith.

Recognising that homes of today have a smaller square footage and a lower ceiling height than before, the range of direct current (DC) fans are designed with the specifics of new housing trends in mind. Available in four contemporary colours, the sleek product measures only 85 mm, and it is the perfect culmination of form and function. Besides being more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than their counterparts, Kith ceiling fans can also be kitted with an LED light panel, effectively transforming it into a dual purpose product that doesn’t compromise the base aesthetics of the fan. Not only that, each part of the product is also specifically designed to function individually—meaning that in times of maintenance and repair, required parts can be separately replaced.

Each ceiling fan in the collection is also accompanied with a carefully engineered matte black remote control, which offers users greater personalisation over their product. One key feature of the remote is the ability to toggle between three different light settings with the touch of a button, allowing you to directly select your desired mood without having to scroll through all the various settings.

Another special feature is the forward and reverse function, which creates the most appropriate draft of wind according to your needs. For example, setting the fan in a counter-clockwise direction will create a downdraft that cools your room down more effectively, which is especially useful during hot weather. Alternatively, during the cool rainy season, users can utilise the clockwise direction to redistribute the warm air for a more comfortable and toasty experience.

With a wide range of uniquely-designed products that are crafted with the highest of standards, Efenz has undoubtedly cemented itself as a leading household brand amongst all homeowners who are looking to furnish their home with stylish and highly functional ceiling fans.

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