Eliminate These 8 Items in Your Bathroom Counter

Keep your counter tidy and organised by removing these items—STAT!

Updated on September 12, 2018 8:09 am

Stephanie Yee

Eliminate These Items in Your Bathroom Counter

Keeping your bathroom counter organised and neat is an everyday struggle. No matter how much time you spend cleaning your bathroom, clutter keeps on piling up day after day. However, you can keep the bathroom counter chaos at bay by removing unnecessary items.

Have a clutter-free bathroom counter (and bathroom, really) by eliminating these items:

1. Multiple products


Having duplicates of the same product will give your counter a cluttered look. If you have a backup moisturiser or toner, keep them in a closet or cupboard until you’re ready to use them.

2. Medicines

Due to your bathroom’s changing temperature, medicines should not be placed in this room. If you have all your medications in the bathroom, take them out. Go through all of them and remove the expired ones or the ones you no longer need. And then, find a safe place to store them—maybe in the kitchen or your bedroom.

3. Cosmetics

It’s a no-brainer that you should throw your old makeup items to save yourself (and your skin!) from harmful bacteria. Free up your counter space by tossing items that are beyond their expiry dates. If you haven’t used that powder for almost six months, then it’s time to throw it to the bin. Determine which makeup item you actually wear versus the ones you don’t wear at all. Keep only those products that you use on a regular basis.

4. Skin care products

Sort out your multitudes of skin care products. If it does not work for you or you don’t use it, just let it go or else, it will just create clutter on your counter. Your skincare routine won’t be affected at all if you remove items that you won’t use.

5. Decorative pieces

Even if you have enough space to display decorative objects such as shells, sea sponges, or candles, you should not go overboard with decorative pieces. It will surely create clutter, and not to mention, accumulate grime and moisture. Decorate your bathroom sparingly with essential pieces that are stylish and functional.

6. Big and fab packaging

Fine. That makeup box looks good but it won’t make your bathroom counter cleaner and organised. Original packaging are the actual space hoarders. Best to take them out of the box and arrange it neatly in a jar.

7. Miniature toiletries


Guilty of hoarding those mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and liquid soap from hotels? Yes, these toiletries look cute on your counter but these are just unnecessary things that only add chaos and clutter to your bathroom! It is better to buy reusable bottles from the store and fill them up with your body wash and shampoo if you want to control your usage of these products.

8. Magazines and papers

Reading materials are not for places with high humidity like the bathroom. Keep this space clutter-free by stowing away those reading materials in the living room or bedroom.

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